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Spotlight: Homosexuality in YA Literature

When I start work in September I have been informed that the PSE topic for the Autumn/Winter term is Homophobia. My homework for the Summer holidays is to create a list of YA books that deal with the issue of … Continue

Review: My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

Synopsis: From Amazon
Daniel tells me that he’s always loved me. That I feel the same. That I always have.
Not just in this life, but in my last life, and all my lives before.
But I don’t remember him.… Continue

Spotlight: Summer Reading Challenge

The girlies always do the reading challenge at the local library. Before we changed schools the main incentive was to have a medal given to them from the Librarian at a special award assembly in school : D The school … Continue

Spotlight: Boys into Books

One of the questions I was asked in my interview was How much did I know about did I know about Boys Books. Obviously the people who were interviewing me knew I have 3 girls. The Head Librarian had also … Continue

Review: Wasted by Nicola Morgan

Synopsis: From Amazon

Jack worships luck and decides his actions by the flip of a coin. No risk is too great if the coin demands it. Luck brings him Jess, a beautiful singer who will change his life. But Jack’s … Continue

Review: The Tiara Club by Vivian French

Synopsis: From Amazon
Where do princesses go to school? The Royal Palace Academy for the Preparation of Perfect Princesses! Titles Include: Princess Amy and the Golden Coach, Princess Chloe and the Primrose Petticoats, Princess Jessica and the Best-Friend Bracelet, Princess … Continue

Spotlight: News

Apologies for the lack of consistency this week. It has been rather busy and emotional.

Firstly for those that don’t know – plus I had the official letter this morning – I have a job : D

From September I … Continue

Tantalizing Trailer: Fairyland Magic by Alison Maloney/Patricia Moffett

Synopsis: From Amazon

It’s unbelievable, but true. Watch a fairy appear from the pages of your book, then make it fly out of a flower and dance among the trees. This book includes five spreads which trigger an augmented reality … Continue

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