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Title: Wedding Date
Series: Dating #6
Author: Monica Murphy
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: 1 Dec 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

Kelsey Phillips is over the dating scene.

All that time and energy perfecting your profile and taking just the right picture and articulating exactly what you’re looking for, only to get the same sleazy propositions? No thanks. She’s doing just fine on her own, so there’s no point in a fruitless hunt for “the one” that doesn’t exist.

Besides, she already has the perfect man in her life. Theo is the type of friend who’s always there for a laugh, a hug, or a drink– and no propositions.

So when he somehow manages to agree to be a groomsman in his ex-fiancĂ©e’s wedding to his cousin, the least Kelsey can do is be his date.

But why stop at doing the least?

Pretending to be in a relationship is easy. They already know everything about each other. And it sure isn’t hard to fake attraction to a guy as gorgeous as Theo. Soon enough, the only pretence left is that they haven’t fallen for each other for real… and the very small matter of the secret Kelsey’s been keeping. Can a fake relationship survive this real revelation?


I have to say while I adored Theo I didn’t really warm up to Kelsey. While I did sympathise with her predicament of being constantly judged for her looks and the objectification she endured; topped by a childhood of beauty pageants and a shallow parental figure. I did feel as if it was a little repetitive in its delivery. As well as the whole will they, won’t they plot where both Theo and Kelsey veer between friendship and more but are risk adverse at best.

Theo and Kelsey meet in a very unusual way during Rate a Date, and bond over the disastrous dating world they find themselves in. They rely on each other and push aside their attraction in favour of friendship. But fake dating to boost Theo’s standing within his family and prove he is well and truly over his cheating ex, lead to both Theo and Kelsey having to face the chemistry brewing below the surface.

It is obvious that Theo and Kelsey are meant to be together, they balance each other and support each other through good and bad. The perfect partnership. Although there are some angsty moments where Kelsey struggles to make herself vulnerable, Theo remains patient and calm.

I adored Theo’s family and the banter he has with his siblings.

Although not my favourite of the series, Wedding Date does round out the series nicely.