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Title: The Revenge Pact
Series: Kings of Football #1
Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: 3 Dec 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

River Tate is a god on campus.
The king of football.
A tattooed bad boy with gunmetal eyes that see right through you.
The only chink in his armor is her, the girl he pretends doesn’t exist, the forbidden one with the shy smile and lavender hair.

Anastasia Bailey is a nobody.
The queen of nothing.
An outsider with the face of an angel and a body made for sin.
The only chink in her armor is him, her boyfriend’s frat brother, the football player who hates her.

But when Anastasia’s life comes crashing down, River’s the one who sweeps in and picks up the pieces.
Torn between loyalty, lies, and secrets, he battles the temptation to take everything from her when they make their revenge pact.

He can’t tell her no.
Because revenge (or love) is, sweet, and once you get a taste, the craving never ends.

The Revenge Pact is first in a series about three college football players.

Received from Social Butterfly PR


The Revenge Pact re-affirms the belief that soul-mates exist and that there is a plan for each of us, even if we can’t see it at the time.

River has had a rough season and he is struggling with a literature class he only took to be close to Anastasia. Not that anyone would ever guess his motivation due to his convincing performance of dispising her. Why the deception you ask when the chemistry between the pair is off the charts, sadly Anastasia is dating one of River’s frat brothers and River is far too honourable to come between them. Although there are times he really should intervene.

Anastasia has always been a bit of an outsider; so when dating a ‘brother’ gives her an inbuilt family, she grasps onto it with both hands. Anastasia’s upbringing was rather unusual with her artistic free-spirited parents leaving her with friends as they travelled the world. This made Anastasia a little naïve in her quest for love, something which led to an incident that could be used against her in the court of public opinion. It doesn’t help that there is parental disapproval and a conniving ex-girlfriend on the scene.

A project for the literature course brings River and Anastasia together in more ways than one. When you find the right person they complete you and make you the best version of yourself. That is exactly what happens when River and Anastasia start spending time together. There is non denying their connection.

I adored the way in which the soul-mate connection was used within the narrative, especially the way in which River whole-heartedly believed it.

The Revenge Pact is a fantastic start to the Kings of Football series where each of the three best friends undertakes their own journey to their happily ever afters.