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Title: Hard Fall
Series: Trophy Boyfriends #2
Author: Sara Ney
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 18 Aug 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

“Hard Fall”

That’s what my mom is always saying: “The bigger you are, the harder you fall.” She’s talking about love—I’ve never been in it myself, but that doesn’t stop me from secretly matchmaking for my friends. Who would suspect me, a world class athlete, of meddling in other people’s love lives? I love Love, especially when it’s not me who’s doing the falling…

“No Thanks.”

That’s what Hollis Westbrooke said when I asked her on a date. Well, propositioned her, actually—but it was all a big joke; one she doesn’t think is funny. My stomach is in knots since I might actually like this girl so the joke is on me. Hollis’s father is my boss—and she doesn’t date players.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall—especially when biggest player is me. 


Hard Fall is utterly adorable giving insight into the difficulty of finding love especially when you can’t be sure it is the real you people want.

Trace played a pivotal role in Hard Pass providing a glimpse of the persona he dons in public to hide the complete softie he really is. Trace is surprisingly perceptive and self-aware even when he acts like a spoiled child with his brother Tripp. He is unapologetically himself including being cupid to his friends. He has integrity and values he does not compromise by becoming a stereotype of the professional athlete he is.

Hollis, on the other hand, has also grown-up in the baseball world with her father and grandfather managing and owning the baseball team Trace plays for. Although in Hollis’ world baseball always came before family, leaving Hollis a little sceptical of relationships with anyone involved in professional sports. Especially after her ex turned out to be a major douche in more ways than one.

Bringing us to Trace and Hollis’ meeting, where Trace steps in to protect Hollis from the douche ex. Although they have an attraction and connection from the beginning, Hollis does her best to push Trace away at every turn.

Although Trace will not take no for an answer. The way in which Trace breaks down Hollis’ barriers is both adorable and hysterical, he could write a book on tips for subtle manipulation. I think he learned it from his mother – you need to read the book to find out what I mean.

Hard Fall is fast-paced with a lot of action and character growth, showing how stereotypes can create a completely false impression of a person, everyone should be judged on their individual actions.