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Title: Begin Again
Series: Stay #3.6
Author: Jennifer Probst
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts
Publication Date: 28 July 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

From New York Times and USA Today, bestselling author Jennifer Probst comes a new story in her Stay series.

Chloe Lake is finally living her dream. As the daughter of the Governor, she’s consistently in the spotlight, and after being dubbed the Most Eligible Bachelorette of NYC, both her career and personal life has exploded. Fortunately, her work as an advocate for animal welfare requires constant publicity and funding, so she embraces her role and plays for the camera—anything for the sake of her beloved rescues.

But when a big case is on the line, she’s faced with the one obstacle she never counted on: the boy who broke her heart is back, and in order to gain justice, they need to work together.

Chloe swears she can handle it until old feelings resurface, and she’s faced with a heartbreaking choice.

Will this time end differently—or are they destined to be only each other’s first love—instead of forever?

Owen Salt fell hard for Chloe when he was a screwed-up kid in college, and spent the next years changing himself into the man his grandfather believed he was capable of. But when his career led him across the country, he knew he needed to leave the woman he loved behind. He’s never forgotten her, but as the new darling of the press, now, she’s way out of his league. When work brings him back to fight for justice by her side, he swears he can handle it.

But he’s never really gotten over his first love—and he wants one more opportunity to prove he’s a man who’s worthy.

Can Owen convince the woman who holds his heart to take a second chance on forever—or is it too late for them both?

Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. 


Begin Again is a heart-warming completion of Jennifer Probst’ Stay series bring the story full circle back to the place it all began the ranch that changed both Chloe and Owen’s lives.

When we last encounter Chloe and Owen they were just starting their journey as a couple, with stars in their eyes and hope in their hearts. Sadly, and despite being totally perfect for each other, Owen struggled with accepting he was ‘good enough’ for Chloe. A bit directionless and at a loss for planning his future, he took the decision to cut ties with Chloe in order to find himself, breaking both their hearts in the process.

Skip forward 4 years and Owen is back in NYC far more self-aware and confident than he has ever been with the underlying intent of reconnecting with Chloe.

Having no contact with Owen for 4 years has been difficult for Chloe, not only was he her boyfriend but also her best friend. Not fully understanding his reason for breaking things off with her resulted in Chloe taking a major hit to her confidence and erecting a lot of barriers to keep from being hurt so badly again.

As you can imagine, Owen has his work cut out for him even just becoming friends again with Chloe let alone anything more. Although, the chemistry between the pair is still in full force no matter how much Chloe wants to deny it.

As we already know communication is key in relationships and I adored the open dialogue between Chloe and Owen clearing up the doubts and distrust between them. I really liked how Chloe took the time to understand the motivation and decision Owen made before undertaking any form of new relationship with him.

Begin Again touches on gender stereotypes in relation to the roles of men and women in relationships – think 1950’s with the male provider and the women housekeeper. It is difficult to believe this type of narrow-mindedness is alive and well in 2020 but sadly, it most definitely is.

Begin Again provides a wonderful glimpse into the progression of all of the other characters with a few surprises in store.