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Title: After All
Series: Romancing Manhattan #3
Author: Kristen Proby
Publication Date: 14 July 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

The last sizzling novel in Kristen Proby’s Romancing Manhattan series finds a widower falling deeply in love again with a woman who has scars of her own.

When Carter Shaw’s wife died five years ago, he was left to pick up the pieces not only of his own broken heart but also that of his devastated eight-year-old daughter, Gabby—leaving him with no time for anything else, let alone dating. But recently, Carter has noticed women again and soon even begins dating. No one has stuck around for long, mostly thanks to one very angry Gabby.

Nora Hayes has worked as Carter’s assistant for years. Recently divorced herself, Nora spends many hours at the office and helping Carter with his daughter whom she adores. Despite loving her job and being wrapped up in the Shaw family, Nora’s never given her handsome, kind workaholic boss a second thought, especially in the romance department.

But then the snowstorm of the century hits, and Nora finds herself stranded at work with Carter overnight. And suddenly, she sees Carter in a whole new, sexy light. The sadness that’s lived in his eyes for so long has now been replaced with pure, unadulterated lust—and Nora isn’t quite sure what to do about it. For after the pain of her divorce, she never thought she would give love a second chance.

Carter and Nora have always believed in never combining business with pleasure. But how can they possibly deny the all-consuming chemistry between them…?


After All, brings the Romancing Manhattan series full circle, the first book started with Carter’s daughter Gabby, and the final book also includes Gabby.

Nora and Carter have been working together for a long time, they have seen each other through high and low points in their lives and provided a stable support system. Although they both appreciate how attractive each other are, they have never indicated a desire to explore their attraction further, until one snowy night when they get stuck at the office!!!

Nora and Carter have a wonderful connection that goes beyond the physical, they simply click. Their banter and cute flirtations add to the charm of the narrative, however, it isn’t all smooth sailing for Carter and Nora. they have to face vindictive colleagues and an emotional tween in order to progress their relationship. Along the way they also discover a lot about themselves, not all of it positive.

Kristen tackles some delicate issues within the plot with sensitivity and compassion creating a deeper understanding of others who may be in similar situations.

It is always difficult to say goodbye to characters you have grown to love; thankfully After All allows a glimpse into the future for all the characters featured in the series providing comfort that everything is as it should be ❤