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Title: Wine Hard, Baby
Series: Oh Hell, No #6
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 12 May 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes an Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Comedy.

CAUTION: CONTAINS HOT COWBOY. Do not mix with wine. Avoid watching him do shirtless labor on hot days.

SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE: Feeling of extreme temptation, excessive drooling over his abs, elevated heart rate, and loss of coherent thoughts when in his presence.

My name is Camila Clark. And that sexy cowboy right there? The one with the devilish smile, twinkling brown eyes, and tattoos on his muscular arms? He’s Jed, the guy I turned down flat back in Texas. He just showed up here in Oregon at the winery where I work.

The question is why?

Not that it really matters. I have my reasons for staying away from all that manly temptation. Reasons he can’t possibly understand but seems determined to punish me for.

But the more I fight him, the more I learn about this mysterious, hot-as-hell cowboy. I just don’t know how much longer I can keep pretending to hate him.

The problem is, I’m technically engaged to a guy I’ve never met. 

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Wine Hard, Baby started off as a really difficult read for me, mainly because the main character while inwardly completely adorable, outwardly she portrays a real b*tch especially toward Jed.

On the other hand, I was completely smitten by Jed from the very first; seriously a hot cowboy with a moral code and a heart of gold. GIMME.

Jed and Camila initially met through their mutual friends and the sparks ignited between them. Sadly, Camila is completely ruled by her parents and their archaic views about their religion. As such Camila spouts some truly offensive things aimed directly at Jed.

Torn between pleasing her parents and following her own hopes and dreams, Camila gets a reprieve by moving to work in a winery owned by a family friend. The lee-way her parents have given her before she is expected to marry a man of their choosing.

Coincidently, Jed turns up at the winery to attend the wedding of their mutual friends just in time to save Camila in a number of different ways. The tricks and mishaps between the pair are hilarious to navigate, all while trying to not hit Camila over the head.

Jed is the true highlight and hero of the story. Although the fundamental element of the narrative is Camila learning to be assertive in dealing with her parents and living the life she wants for herself rather than the one chosen for her. A parents love for their child should not come with conditions. Finding true love is just a huge bonus for Camila.