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Title: The Teaching Hours
Series: How to Date a Douchbag #5.5
Author: Sara Ney
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 5 May 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

Everyone says Rex Gunderson isn’t boyfriend material. Everyone says he isn’t serious enough. Everyone says he’s a joke. Rumor has it, the disgraced ex-manager of the wrestling team left campus with his tail between his legs.

But now Rex is back—nowhere near the douchebag he used to be—and ready to prove everyone wrong.

The leopard has changed his spots, and he’s about to become my dating coach.

**Initially published as a short story, released in the “Team Player 2: A Sports Anthology,” in September of 2019 


So Rex is back on campus helping out with the wrestling team. But this is a very different Rex than the one we have met earlier in the series. It would seem being a funcle has matured the infamous ex-manager. I’ve got to say Rex is now quite adorable!!

The joys of dating apps, matches Rex with one of the other peripheral characters we have encountered throughout the series!! It would seem Rex has met his match in awkward lol.

The Teaching Hours is a really fast read with lots of laughs and a total lightbulb moment because these characters really do belong together ❤