Received from Publicist

Title: The Modern Gentleman
Author: Meghan Quinn
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 14 May 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

Have you ever hit rock bottom?

I embarrassingly have.

It’s why I’m wearing my girl’s decorative scarf over my head, clutching her lady drink to my chest, and singing ever so softly to Joni Mitchell while swaying back and forth.

This is what therapists refer to as LOSING IT.

Oldest story in the book: boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy screws up MASSIVELY, girl tells boy to suffocate in the fruits of his very own unborn children.

Heard it before? I’m sure you have.

So what’s so different about this story? Well, it’s about me, The Modern Gentleman, New York City’s top advice columnist, and my rather ungraceful downfall from my pristinely polished pedestal.

It’s about a girl I met who threw all my proven theories to the wind and left me awkward, needy, and absolutely head-over-wingtipped shoes in love.

This is a story about June Lacy and how she single-handedly dismantled The Modern Gentleman.


The Modern Gentleman is a classic Meghan Quinn romantic comedy. Full of situational humour, awkwardness and an abundance of adorable.

Wes is an advice columnist for the gents in need of direction, especially where their romantic endeavours are concerned. However, Wes’ own love life is non-existent. In a bid to shake up their demographic the editor-in-chief wants to personalise the publication with real-life experience and expects Wes to create a guide to modern dating using his own experiences as the basis of the advice. But where will Wes find a suitable candidate before he is relegated to dating the editor’s inappropriate daughter?

Fate has a plan for Wes and that includes a delightfully quirky aspiring theatre actress, June. The narrative follows the building of their relationship from the meet-cute, with Wes detailing the accounts of their dates in his column unbeknownst to June.

June has her own trust issues which dictate the pace of the budding relationship with Wes. Alongside side some amazing dates; guys take note these are the fun things women want to try.

Sooo therein the problem lies, Wes’ column and June’s lack of knowledge of said column. Expect an explosion of epic proportions.

Will Wes be able to navigate this huge pitfall in his plan to keep June? The Modern Gentleman has all the answers and a lot of laughs to accompany them.