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Title: Attracting Aubrey
Series: Gone Wild #3
Author: Avery Flynn
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 24 March 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

I never dreamed I’d meet my celebrity crush while stealing every single pair of my best friend’s pants.

Trust me, my life is not that wild. In fact, the most excitement I usually get is running my fan-favorite Insta thirst account featuring butt-tastic pics of Hollywood superhero Carter Hayes. So, imagine my shock when, in the middle of the cruise ship hallway, I realize the guy whose shirt I’m stuffing slacks inside of is Carter disguised as a tourist. How I manage not to faint dead away, I’ve got no clue.

When word leaks that Carter might be on board, he asks me to help him maintain his cover. There’s no way I’m gonna say no to that. I just don’t share that I’m the anonymous woman behind the fan account that reported sighting him onboard. No biggie. Right?

However, when things between us go from friendly to hot to OMG-I-can’t-keep-my-clothes-on-around-him, all I can do is hope he never discovers my secret. You see, somewhere along the way, Carter went from an untouchable movie star to the man I’m falling for.

Five friends. One singles cruise. So many sexy shenanigans.

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Attracting Aubrey is packed with so much heat it should come with its own fire extinguisher.

Aubrey’s life hasn’t turned out the way she planned after graduating; instead of pursuing a career in writing non-fiction, she is running her family bakery, although without the actual baking. Falling into the trap of self-pity, Aubrey has lost sight of her dreams and the fun-loving person she used to be. The only thing that brings her a sense of happiness is her super-fan Instagram account of movie star Carter Hayes. So when she agrees to a vacation with her besties from college, Aubrey is determined to resurrect her former self from the ashes of her dreams. Never expecting to meet her fantasy man in the flesh!!!

Carter is trying to break-put of the superhero stereotype he has developed in his movie career. Although he enjoys the action Carter wants to prove he can also act by taking on deeper characters, however, in this instance, his celebrity status acts against him, he has to convince the producer of the movie he is interested in that he can transform into the character so completely no-one would recognise him. The way he chooses to undertake this task is to join a singles cruise as an adorable geek; although he didn’t take into consideration a very distinctive and easily identifiable physical characteristic.

Carter and Aubrey hit it off immediately, and because of Aubrey’s extensive knowledge of all things Carter Hayes, recognises him almost instantly. They agree to keep his true identity under wraps and work together to get Carter the part he so desperately wants. Unfortunately, there is still the matter of Aubrey’s Instagram acting as an emotional barrier between them.

Attracting Aubrey is quite thought-provoking in the way fan sites intrude on celebrities lives and the consequences they can sometimes have for both the person running the site and the celebrity.

Attracting Aubrey also shows that while life may take you on a different path there are always ways in which to pursue your dreams, you just have to think outside the box 💕