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Title: Unforgiven
Series: Loveless, Texas #2
Author: Jay Crownover
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: 25 Feb 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Marked Men series comes an irresistible and suspenseful romance between a tough Texas Ranger and his first love–a woman in danger who insists she doesn’t need his protection.

Hill Gamble is a model lawman: cool and collected, with a confident swagger to boot. Too bad all that Texas charm hasn’t gotten him anywhere in his personal life, especially since the only girl he ever loved has always been off-limits. But then Hill is assigned to investigate her father’s mysterious death, and he’s forced back to the town–and the woman–he left behind.

When Hill left Loveless, he broke Kody Lawton’s already battered heart. And now that he’s working on her father’s case, avoiding him is impossible. She can handle Hill and her unwanted feelings–until he puts his life on the line to protect her. Suddenly, Kody realizes that Hill could be taken away from her…for good.


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Unforgiven is going to blow you away, there is so much happening within the pages it feels as if you are in a speeding car heading toward a cliff.

Kody has been a staple in the Loveless series from the beginning, we’ve come to know the independent, sassy Lawton female via her fierce devotion to her brothers. Also as the kickass bar-owner with ties to the local motorcycle club, especially their president, Shot. However, Kody’s personal background and the events that have shaped her have been skimmed over until now.

Unforgiven doesn’t pull any punches delivering the history between Hill and Kody in the form of Hill’s brother, Aaron, who also happened to be Kody’s boyfriend. Neither Kody or Hill had the best upbringing; whereas Kody rebelled in any way she could, Hill doggedly pursued his plan to escape the small town he was shackled to as a child. Although both Kody and Hill felt an undeniable pull to the other, they were too young and afraid of their emotions to do anything about them. In the end, Kody chose Aaron due to feelings of inadequacy where Hill was concerned but also as a way to save Aaron and in return save herself. Sadly, Aaron’s mental illness dragged them both under as well as creating a rift with Hill. In order to protect herself from further loss, Kody encased her heart in ice and let it remain that way until the day Hill returns to turn her world upside down in more ways than one.

The thriller elements of the plot are especially tense with a lot of tangents weaving together as the story progresses. There are a number of surprising revelations that add to the overall intensity of the narrative.

Being forced into close proximity sets the fire burning between Hill and Kody, but also makes them confront the errors of their past and the feelings they have kept locked up until this point.

I loved how everyone closest (those that matter) to Hill and Kody were more aware of the way the pair felt about each other than the couple themselves 🤣

Unforgiven is a compelling, compulsive read which draws you into Loveless and makes you forget everything else around you. There is an open plot thread which paves the way for Blacklisted giving the brooding biker, Shot, a turn in the spotlight, I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him!!!!