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Title: Fashion Jungle
Author: Kathy Ireland and Rachel Van Dyken
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 28 Jan 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads

Four women… Four very different paths. One incredibly cutthroat world.
Welcome to the Jungle.

As America’s sweetheart, Brittany is perceived as the “good girl.” The sort to bring her Bible to a photoshoot… only to garner the attention of a most unlikely suitor. Until one mistake irrevocably changes both of their lives forever. Fortunately, both now and then, Brittany has wonderful support systems, including her tribe.

The leader of the tribe and a model who’s fought every battle and obstacle in the industry, Zoe, knows her worth. Until a sex tape scandal rocks her world. She sees no choice but to put her trust in the one man she shouldn’t, to make it all go away and help her succeed. Unfortunately, not only is he mired in New York’s underbelly, he wants repayment… with interest. Namely, her hand in marriage.

Despite her seemingly perfect life, Everlee has problems of her own. Not only has her world-renowned photographer husband been cheating, but it’s actually much worse than that. The things surrounding what he’s done are so dark and dangerous, Everlee’s life may actually be in jeopardy.

And then there’s Danica, cold, dead in the ground Danica. Some secrets stay hidden while others are just waiting to be discovered- hers has the power to alter the industry forever.

In the world of the Fashion Jungle, it’s easily eat or be eaten… but, if you make it out alive, you just might have a story to tell – though it will likely be one of secrets, lies, deceit, and loss.

Strap on your stilettos, it’s about to get wild.

Based on true stories and events.

Fashion Jungle Excerpt


Fashion Jungle is a compelling read reminiscent of Pretty Little Liars (the TV show as opposed to the books). Everyone has their secrets and some will kill to keep them.

The characters are endearing in their individuality and their solid friendship which provides a much needed support system in such a vicious career field. The third person narrative is a necessity in order to control the myriad of plot threads taking place within the narrative; although they all lead back to the death of the fourth member of their group, Danica.

There are more than a few triggers within the story as well as an abundance of shocking behind the scenes details regarding the modelling industry. It is absolutely horrifying to think such things occur within what is considered a glamorous profession.

The downside for me personally, was the amount of religious reference used throughout the story. Fashion Jungle focuses heavily on faith and belief in a higher power, which is fine if you have the same viewpoint but it did feel a tad on the preachy side.

While there is an element of romance within Fashion Jungle it is the female friendship and girl power aspects that really stand out.