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Title: Shelf Awareness
Series: Green Valley Library #4
Author: Katie Ashley
Publisher: Smartypants Romance
Publication Date: 19 Nov 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

After catching her husband in a compromising position, the last thing that Finley Granger wants is to enter the insanity that is the dating world. She’s dealing with enough upheaval: she’s quit her job as a journalist in Atlanta to start over as a librarian in the backwoods town of Green Valley, Tennessee. But her grandmother has other ideas. When GramBea teams up with her sister, Dot, and their best friend, Estelle, Finley finds herself surrounded by a trio of well-meaning yet incredibly bumbling matchmakers.

In spite of their efforts, there’s only one man she’s curious about, and that’s Zeke Masters, the library’s volunteer IT specialist. Sure, he’s 6’4”, impossibly built, ridiculously good-looking, and gets her nether regions tingling. However, it’s the tingle of her journalist spidey-senses that holds her attention most as she wonders why he’s on sabbatical from Seattle. Is he on lam, or on the run from a bad relationship? As Finley finds herself reluctantly drawn to the gorgeous IT guy, she can’t help but wonder: should she indulge in a little rebound fun with the mysterious Zeke – or has she finally met her match?


Shelf Awareness is proof that everything happens for a reason and it is only with the benefit of hindsight that we are able to truly appreciate the new direction our lives have taken.

Finley takes a huge hit to her self-esteem after finding her husband has been cheating on her; taking a dramatic decision to uproot everything about her life, Finley makes her way to Green Valley to stay with her Grandmother. There is a huge Golden Girls feel to the narrative which is re-enforced by the girl power aspects within the plot.

From the moment Finley enters Green Valley all of the pieces of her life begin to slot together providing her opportunities she had only dreamed about in the past. Least of all is the mysterious IT volunteer, Zeke!!!

Although Shelf Awareness ties loosely to the Penny-verse, it was a lovely inclusion to the Green Valley Library series. There is a lot going on within the plot touching upon sexuality, adoption and cultural issues. The Iron Wraiths make an appearance building the negativity towards them.

There are some quirky moments that will have you laughing out loud; I will say the Geek is strong in this one 😂