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Title: The Fall of Legend
Series: Legend Trilogy #1
Author: Meghan March
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 12 Nov 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

From New York Times bestselling author Meghan March comes a new deliciously dangerous alpha hero in The Fall of Legend, the first book in the brand new and utterly addictive Legend trilogy.

We come from two different worlds.
I’m from the streets. She might as well live in an ivory tower.
I made my living with my fists. I doubt she could even throw a punch.
Our paths never should have crossed.
We never should have met.
That doesn’t change the facts.
I would sell my soul to taste those red lips.
Fight the devil himself to hear her laugh.
Burn in hell to have a single night.
Scarlett Priest shouldn’t even know men like me exist, but sometimes temptation is stronger than will.
If this is how I go down, it’ll be worth every second of the fall.


Meghan March is a master of building a story and keeping the reader guessing as to the skeletons hidden in the main characters closets. I loved the way in which Meghan drip feeds the revelations within the narrative; a first name mentioned, a place mentioned, then a second name added to the first – very, very clever and exerts a huge amount of control over the plot – it is quite awe-inspiring tbh.

The Fall of Legend focuses on the enigmatic Gabriel Legend and the plan to save the club he has sunk his money and anonymity into. The fate of the club is key to Legend’s moving on from his past, of which we know little about but are left to presume it was not a bed of roses.

Scarlett is a high-society girl with a high-profile ‘influencer’ business to her credit as well as a successful, unique design service – Curated.

While on the surface it would appear Scarlett and Gabe complete opposites, I would say this is solely the case where their economic status is concerned. Both have issues stemming from their upbringing, while Scarlett’s issues are apparent; making it easier to understand her motivation and aspirations. Gabe’s emotional baggage is buried under a lot of layers, this is where the masterful story building comes into effect with tiny tidbits of information about Gabe creating an intriguing insight into the man behind the mask.

Scarlett is brought in to help Gabe resurrect his club in a very unconventional manner. However, the chemistry between the pair is instantaneous even with the extremely unusual circumstances. Although they both try to fight the intensity of their attraction.

There is a lot at play within the plot not just the unusual and passionate connection between Gabe and Scarlett. Seemingly random plot threads are expertly woven together adding tension to an already fraught story; from family dynamics, competitive rivalry, internet trolls to abusive/toxic relationships, The Fall of Legend has it all.

I wouldn’t say The Fall of Legend ends on a cliff-hanger but there is a definite sense of foreboding for both Scarlett and Gabe. I will be hanging off the edge of my seat in anticipation for part 2 of Scarlett and Gabe’s story, House of Scarlett.