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Title: Loving Miss Sassy
Series: Mr Wrong #5
Author: AM Madden and Joanne Schwehm
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 5 Nov 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

I am sure of four things:
I’m the most sought-after social influencer.
I’m prepared to kick ass and take names.
I’m going to conquer the Big Apple.
I wasn’t prepared to have an unexpected roommate who happens to be drop-dead gorgeous.

Being the younger sister of two overprotective brothers taught me to be tenacious. Granted, that didn’t fare well when I mistook my roomie for an intruder. Fine, maybe a right hook wasn’t the most ladylike greeting, but his black eye only lasted a week. How was I supposed to know said intruder was also my advertising adversary?

The answer: I didn’t.

And having a single wall separating our bedrooms only adds more angst to my list. I’m sure I’ll never get a good night’s rest wondering if he sleeps commando . . . if those are moans I hear or snores . . . if he imagines me in his bed as I imagine him in mine.

The list goes on and on.

The most shocking thing I wasn’t prepared for was how he managed to capture my heart . . . right before he shattered it.

He called me Miss Sassy, and I proved him right. 


Loving Miss Sassy was a brilliant way to catch up with some of our favourite couples while watching Luca and Dante’s little sister fall hard and fast for her competitor while vying for a large advertising campaign.

All of the characters are adorable, I especially liked witnessing the dynamic between Gianna and her overprotective brothers particularly the ingenious ways she has of managing them 😂

Gianna and Colton have instant chemistry and are stuck in close quarters while putting together their pitch for the motor company they both desperately want on their resumes. Inevitably the attraction gets the better of them, however, the professional rivalry creates a barrier to forming a deeper, lasting relationship. Although both Gianna and Colton are unable to control their hearts with their heads no matter how much they would like to.

Gianna is a role model for modern women with her confidence and assertiveness without losing any kindness or compassion. Colton is utterly adorable, although old school in his marketing approach he also has vision beyond his own ideas and as such is able to see the merit in both his own campaign and Gianna’s.

Loving Miss Sassy is a fun, flirty romance with enough steam to conduct a home facial while reading.