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Title: Baking Me Crazy
Series: Donner Bakery #1
Author: Karla Sorensen
Publisher: Smartypants Romance
Publication Date: 8 Oct 2019

Synopsis from Social Butterfly PR

I’m Levi Buchanan, and until five years ago, I thought the legend of my family’s curse was a load of crazy, Southern nonsense.

No curse can make you fall in love at first sight. No curse can force a true, deep, passionate, all-consuming love that will haunt you all the days of your life.

Then I met Jocelyn Abernathy and I realized how completely wrong I was.

The problem is, Jocelyn, guards her feelings like well-armed soldier. She’s the most beautiful, stubborn, infuriating woman I’ve ever met. Every time she talks, I want to kiss the living daylights out of her. But I can’t.

Because when we met, she didn’t need true love. She needed a best friend. And that’s what I’ve been to her… for five years.

But when Jocelyn meets a handsome stranger her first day working at Donner Bakery and she lets him buy her a dill pickle cupcake, I realize with ominous regret that I may have missed my window with my best friend.

If I can’t get her to see past our friendship, my new curse may be to watch the love of my life move on with someone else.

Baking Me Crazy Excerpt

‘Baking Me Crazy’ is a full-length contemporary romantic comedy, can be read as a standalone, and is book#1 in the Donner Bakery series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

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Baking Me Crazy does a wonderful job of interconnecting with the world Penny Reid created in Green Valley especially with the cameo appearance of two of my personal favourite characters EVER.

Baking Me Crazy is deliciously diverse and allows personal growth by allowing the ability to empathise with Joss. Seeing the world through Joss’s perspective provided unanticipated insight into the emotional, physical and psychological barriers Joss encountered on a daily basis. It is little wonder romance was the last thing on her mind when she first met Levi; while friendship was vital to her emotional wellbeing.

Oh my how I fell hard for Levi, it is impossible not to, he is such a wonderful character with a heart of pure gold and the body of a greek god *fans-self* It is a long-held belief in Levi’s family that the Buchanan men fall hard and fast at first sight, although Levi found this very hard to belief until he felt it for himself when he met Joss. Pure swoon right there. Unfortunately, Levi remained friend-zoned with a huge dose of unrequited love. Yet, not once did Levi lose faith that Joss would eventually feel the same way about him, again with the swoon.

While Baking Me Crazy should feel like a slow-burn when the pheromones kick in they hit with the speed of light; although there is trepidation surrounding altering the nature of their relationship from best friends to intimate relations!!! It is Levi’s unwavering belief in them as a couple which really holds the heart-strings.

I have to say I also fell in love with one of the peripheral characters for her sunshine personality and romantic to the core soul, so I hope Joy will find her own ‘so romantic’ within the Pennyverse.