Title: Absolute Pleasure
Series: Dirty Sexy Fairy Tales #2
Author: Erika Wilde
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 15 Oct 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

What would you sacrifice to save your family’s legacy?

Meet Hunter Wilder, a man that is terrified of happily ever after.

Hunter is used to dominating, taking control of situations and bending them to his will. He may live in a New York castle, but he’s no prince. Cursed by loss, Hunter is a closed book with an emptiness that he can’t escape.

Until he meets her.

Gabriella Darien may be gorgeous and driven, but her Cinderella story is more than it appears. The death of her father left her with a wicked stepmother intent on sabotaging the business her parents worked so hard to create.

One enchanted night of all-consuming and absolute pleasure brings two broken souls together. With a new version of their future finally in sight, a promise kept might cost them everything.

Will this Cinderella find her prince, or will they watch their happily ever after disappearing at the stroke of midnight?

Absolute Pleasure Excerpt

ABSOLUTE PLEASURE is a modern, sinfully seductive take on Cinderella. It is a stand-alone, second-chance fairy-tale romance. No cheating. No cliffhangers.

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Absolute Pleasure focuses on the second sibling of the Wilder family, Hunter. the timeframe crosses over with that of the first book, Total Surrender. While Absolute Pleasure does a terrific job of recapping the pertinent details of the family dynamics and the events of Total Surrender, I do think the series should be read in order to fully appreciate the plot and not be blindsided by some necessary spoilers within Absolute Pleasure.

The Cinderella vibe is strong within the narrative although Gabriella is an unwitting Cinderella with a side of Snow White thrown into the mix. Gabriella is kind and considerate and as such has been manipulated by her step-mother and step-sisters. Greed and power are the impetus to evil no matter the setting.

Hunter is an alpha version of Prince Charming with a side of dominant. He and Gabriella immediately click at the Wilder Fairytale Ball; neither want or need a relationship and one night of passion is just the escape they both need. Although they didn’t factor in their intense connection beyond the physical, resulting in further dalliances without the expectation of more. Yet some things are unavoidable; the understanding they have for each other can only be achieved by meeting the perfect match.

There are moments of angst and a lot of intensity within Absolute Pleasure but there is also a whole lot of swoon. Absolute Pleasure is a wonderful adult fairytale.