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Title: That Forever Girl
Series: Getting Lucky #2
Author: Meghan Quinn
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Date: 27 Aug 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

There are two little words every small-town man dreads:

She’s back.

Harper Sanders, the girl who was supposed to be my forever, has returned to Port Snow, Maine, for good—and she’s bringing back memories of our shared past.

We once had a bright future together, but when tragedy struck, I threw it all away and pushed her out of my life. People in our small town think I’m cursed, but I know better. I did it all to myself.

And now she’s creating a life of her own in the place where we first fell in love. I can’t fight my feelings for her—or the strong attraction that keeps pulling us together. But after all this time, can she forgive the past and fall in love with me all over again?

Everyone hopes to find that forever girl…I just hope I haven’t lost mine for good.

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That Forever Girl showcases Meghan’s development as a writer brilliantly. I have been an avid fan from the moment I read The Virgin Romance Novelist and can safely say That Forever Girl has all the feels.

We know a bit about the background to Rogan’s story from his brother, Griffin’s story, That Second Chance. Having had romance and lost it, being cursed by a fortune teller in New Orleans and having to deal with a very different future than the one he had planned. What I didn’t expect was the incident that determined the upheaval of Rogan’s life and love.

That Forever Girl alternates not only point of view but timelines as well helping create a complete picture of the events of the past as well as the ones occurring in the present as a result of the past!! As well as providing a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the characters, the contrasting chronology adds to the tension and impact when all of the details are revealed.

Harper is adorable, sweet and kind with a passion for the area in which she lives. Losing Rogan when she was in college devasted her, especially because they had been best friends since childhood before progressing their relationship to that of a romantic nature. All of their plans had been made together, their future intertwined until one unexpected evening.

Returning to her hometown after a long period as a way to find herself again, has Harper undertaking a lot of self-reflection in order to find the happiness she has been missing since her break-up with Rogan. Although the separation from Rogan devasted both of them, it did provide the opportunity for individual growth and appreciation of not only each other but also themselves.

Port Snow is one of those imaginary destinations you wish were real so you could live there; with its close-knit community and quirky characters, no-one is a stranger 😍 I cannot wait to see what Meghan has in store for the two remaining brothers, Brig and Reid.