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Title: Sin for You
Series: Rocktown Ink #2
Author: Sherilee Gray
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 5 Sept 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

My best friend’s sister is back in town, and while she’s here, she’s under my protection. Quinn Parker had her heartbroken, and I’ll make sure no one hurts her again.

But when she starts looking around for a hot, no-strings distraction, I can’t stand back and do nothing. No one is touching this vibrant beauty…but me.

She’s the woman of my dreams, but Quinn wants a good time, not a long time. We play by her rules: no one finds out, no one gets hurt.

I have to keep it casual because an ex-con like me can’t offer her forever…even if I want so much more.

Sin for You EXCERPT

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If you like the best friends little sister trope then you are going to love Sin for You.

  • Alpha Hero who is a giant teddy bear for his woman – Check
  • Sassy Heroine – check
  • Angst – check (although could have been avoided)

Lots of emotional baggage on both sides lead to the aforementioned angst due to the projection of the past onto the present. A lot of the problems between Bull (Logan) and Quinn stem from their personal insecurities which alter their perception of actions and interactions. This then exasperated the turmoil between them by their lack of clear communication and initial self-imposed casual status of their relationship. *SIGH*

Despite the aggravating lack of communication, Logan and Quinn are endearing, flawed characters who deserve happiness.

Sherille does a fantastic job of progressing the series and laying the foundation for Dane’s story in Meant for You