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Title: Fake Date
Series: Dating #2
Author: Monica Murphy
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 17 Sept 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

Working at Bliss, Sarah Harrison deals with all sorts of—interesting clientele. Yet no one sparks her interest more than Jared Gaines, the ultra-rich, ultra-sexy businessman who frequents her shop, buying delicate little “gifts” for the women in his life.

But one day, Jared sends her a gift from Bliss. Then another—and another. So when Sarah walks into his office demanding to know why he can’t stop sending her gifts, he makes her an offer she somehow can’t refuse: be his fake girlfriend for the weekend while attending his brother’s engagement party.

Next thing Sarah knows, she’s in San Francisco, pretending to be in love with Jared. Not that it’s a hardship. Once you get the man away from the office, he’s much more relaxed. Sweet. Funny. Even…thoughtful? Oh, and sexier than ever, of course.

Their pretend relationship feels very real, very quickly. Soon Sarah’s in over her head. Could what she and Jared share turn into something real? Or is it all actually…fake?


Fake Date is unusual in the way in which our loyalties lie mainly with the male protagonist rather than the female.

While Sarah is a wonderful character, she is also far more self-aware than Jared and as a result able to analyse and understand her emotions, as well as discerning the right path for her happiness.

Jared suffered the loss of his mother at a young age, not able to deal with his grief, he internalised it and withdrew from those closest to him. Adding to his self-imposed distance following first heartbreak has ensured his negativity toward himself has been continually fuelled.

Although Sarah and Jared interact initially via business transactions, rather unconventional ones at that, they do have an incredible chemistry that fuels their banter. Sarah’s integrity also captivates Jared who is so used to everything being easy for him.

Sarah and Jared have a lot in common, which aids the connection between them. Sarah is able to understand Jared in a way that no-one else has ever been able to. As a result, allowing Jared insight into his own actions and interactions.

Fake Date isn’t really about a faux romance becoming real as the relationship between Jared and Sarah is ‘real’ even when they pretend it is merely for show. Fake Date is about finding the one person who is able to understand you and accept your flaws and all while making you want to be a better person because of them 💕❤