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Title: Dare Me Tonight
Series: The Knight Brothers #3
Author: Carly Phillips
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 6 Aug 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

One virgin, one night, one surprise baby… 

For Ethan Knight, managing his empire is his priority. Women, not so much. But when a favor leads to him meeting sexy, driven Sienna Dare at a black tie corporate event, his interest is piqued along with his desire, and his infamous control slips as he joins her for an unforgettable night in bed.

Sienna Dare is trying to figure out the direction of her life when she meets enigmatic Ethan Knight—a strong, confident man so hot and irresistible he’s the one she finally relinquishes her v-card to. 

The problem? Ethan has a billion-dollar contract with Sienna’s brother at stake. An overly-protective brother who doesn’t take it well when he finds out his business associate bedded his much younger sister. Oh, and she’s pregnant, too . . . 

Dare Me Tonight Excerpt

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Dare Me Tonight takes on the remaining Knight brother, Ethan. A man emotionally damaged by his deceased cheating wife, his barricades would give Fort Knox a run for its money. Yet, no amount of emotional armor Ethan can create has no impact on the way Sienna enters his life and his heart.

Sienna has her own emotional baggage, an illegitimate child of the patriarchal Dare and the single person in the middle of the revelation of her father’s double life. Although Sienna had no control over her childhood illness, it was her critical condition which provided the necessity to reveal the second Dare family to the original and therefore tear a lot of people’s worlds apart. However, Sienna has not let the negative aspects of her life define her, rather she takes the optimistic route and as a result, brings light into other peoples darkness. Something Ethan hasn’t had in a lot longer than most people realize.

While the relationship between Sienna and Ethan begins as a one-night deal, there is no denying the pull they feel to each other. Although Ethan does behave like an arse at times, you can always tell his heart is in the right place.

Although the ties between Sienna and Ethan begin with what would feel like an obligation, it is quickly apparent that the result of their one-night is a catalyst to something much more profound for both of them.

I loved witnessing Ethan return to the man he really is before the toxicity of his ex altered his perception of himself. I also adored the cross-over with the Knight and Dare families allowing a glimpse at the future of the characters we have grown to love with each of Carly’s books.