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Title: All Roads Lead to You
Series: Stay #3
Author: Jennifer Probst
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Date: 23 July 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

Happily single, Harper Bishop trusts in only one passion—her rescue farm and healing her thoroughbred, Phoenix. Her dream is to lead him to the Triple Crown. But how unreachable is it without experience or help? A handsome new guest at her family’s B&B has what it takes to make it come true. And with his irresistible brogue, warm smile, and soothing touch, he’s a major distraction.

After a bitter betrayal, horse trainer Aidan O’Connor has fled Ireland for a vacation in New York’s Hudson Valley. When he sees the horse with the fighting spirit, he’s inspired with a new goal: to train Phoenix to win. He’s also facing an unexpected new challenge: his feelings for Harper.

How can she dare to open her heart to a man who’ll be there only long enough to break it?

So Harper and Aidan agree: try to keep it professional and focus only on Phoenix and the finish line. But along the way, they could also learn a few lessons in love, trust, and taking chances. And, as painful as it promises to be, saying goodbye.

All Roads Lead to You Excerpt

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All Roads Lead to You allows the lone single Bishop to find her happily ever after. A slow-burn romance that tackles some heartfelt issues.

Harper is a bright light in the world pouring her heart and soul into the rescue and rehabilitation of abused animals. While her life is fulfilling and provides her with a sense of accomplishment it isn’t without a downside. Harper has a problem with social interaction stemming from a dark time in her life, while it helps her relate to the animals she has in her care, it does also make her a little lonely for the humankind of interaction. Firmly believing she is not made for relationships including marriage and children.

Aidan is very similar to Harper in a lot of ways including emotionally. His childhood and young independence have left him with a lot of subconscious emotional scars. Having left Ireland under difficult circumstances, Aidan is looking to make a name for himself within the horse racing world in the US enabling a triumphant return to his homeland.

Aidan and Harper are both guided by their intuition and it is this sixth sense that has brought Aidan to the Bishop family’s B&B.

There is an immediate connection between Aidan and Harper as if they instinctually sense a kindred spirit; although there is a fair amount of denial on both parts as they get to know each other. However, the more time they spend together the deeper their bond grows. Especially when their thoughts, actions, and feelings toward the animals entrusted to their care intersect. Aidan and Harper could truly be described as soul-mates; each of the trials and tribulations they have faced through their lives shaped them into the perfect partner to each other 💕

While I enjoyed seeing the romance blossom between Harper and Aidan, as well as catching up with the rest of the Bishops; the true stars of the story were the wonderfully quirky rescue animals, especially Hei Hei, the mad polish chicken, and Captain Hoof, the half-blind goat. I wish I could see a photo of him in his chicken costume 😍