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Title: Take Me Down
Series: The Knight Brothers #2
Author: Carly Phillips
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 11 June 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

Opposites not only attract, they combust! 

Parker Knight was going through the motions… and then he met her. 

In sweet, sexy Emily Stevens and the rundown resort she runs with her father, Parker sees the chance to reclaim the life he once lost and take care of the first woman who makes him feel … everything. He wants her in a way he’s never desired a woman before and yearns to sample the treats the sexy baker has to offer. 

But Emily doesn’t trust charming city guys, especially one who is going to leave when his time off is over. No matter how good he makes her feel, in bed or out. 

Parker has his hands full, not only with a wary Emily but with someone who doesn’t want the lodge to succeed, and if things keep getting worse, not even a Knight can save her. 

Take Me Down Excerpt

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For such a quick read there is a heck of a lot going on within the pages of Take Me Down.

We already know Parker has been struggling due to his role in Take Me Again, losing his hopes and dreams in one tragic accident has left him robotically going through the motions of his life. However, when he is sent to scout out a corporate retreat for the company he shares with his siblings, Parker finds himself finding the pieces of himself he thought were long gone.

Emily is the catalyst for not only Parker regaining control of his life but also as the foundation for her friends and family to achieve their dreams.

Emily has her own baggage which unfortunately she initially projects onto Parker. Having returned to her hometown to care for her parents while escaping an emotionally abusive marriage, it is understandable for Emily to have a lot of barriers in place especially with the parallels of wealth and privilege between Parker and her ex.

Parker and Emily balance each other and provide the support and encouragement they subconsciously require in order to gain control of their future and achieve the happiness they both deserve. It is a partnership on all levels.

There is a thriller element within the narrative adding to the tension and dynamics of the relationships within Take Me Down.

It was wonderful to catch up with Parker’s siblings, with only the oldest left without his HEA, I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Ethan in Dare Me Tonight.