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Title: Seven Nights of Sin
Series: Penthouse Affair #2
Author: Kendall Ryan
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 25 June 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

He’s the powerful CEO. I’m the know-it-all intern.

Things went further than they should have, but I don’t have any regrets. Well, maybe just one…

I went and did the one thing he told me not to – fall in love with him.

Now I have seven days to prove my trust and devotion. Turns out money is a powerful drug, but love is even more addictive.

Seven Nights of Sin is the stunningly sexy and heart-tugging conclusion to The Two Week Arrangement.

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Seven Nights of Sin picks up where The Two Week Arrangement ended. To say things are a mess between Dominic and Presley would be an understatement. With their insecurities and doubts being exasperated as a result.

Dominic returns to his default a-hole mode in order to avoid emotional entanglements. Initially, I couldn’t quite grasp Dominic’s need for emotional detachment but as his affecting baggage was revealed, I found myself able to forgive his douche moments far more easily than I would have anticipated.

Presley is a wonderfully forgiving person without being subservient. She remains true to herself throughout even when the situation goes against what she wants.

There is a lot of ups and downs with the relationship between Dominic and Presley due to Dominic’s inability to process his emotions; in this respect, he does seem emotionally stunted where romantic relationships are concerned. Again this all makes sense when the revelations occur.

When confronted with his feelings, Dominic is quick to accept the crossroads he has come to; with the help of the women in his life he is able to move forward along the path to happiness.

Seven Nights of Sin focuses on Dominic’s emotional growth and the happiness that can be achieved if you are willing to make yourself vulnerable to another in order to obtain it.