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Title: Save the Date
Series: Dating #1
Author: Monica Murphy
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 25 June 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

Caroline Abbott knows her way around bridezillas.

Working at a stationery store means helping engaged couples pick out the perfect save-the-date
cards and invitations for their dream weddings—a dream job.

Until the bridezilla of the day belongs to her first kiss, Alexander Wilder. He’s all grown up now, running his family’s luxury hotel chain, and even hotter than she remembers from that scorcher of a smooch.

So when Caroline catches his fiancée half-naked with another man, she has to tell him. And Alex has to break it off. And of course, the ex-bridezilla goes completely bonkers.

Good thing Caroline has plenty of experience—and friends to help save her.

She also has the sudden interest of Alex, who has a proposal of his own for her. Is it just a rebound for him, or does he also feel the same spark that drew them together all those years ago?

Save the Date Excerpt

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Everyone remembers their first kiss, especially Caroline, because her first kiss was also the best kiss she has ever had. Sadly, it was also the last time she saw Alex; that is until fate steps in and converges Caroline and Alex’s lives in order to change the course of their future.

The attraction between Caroline and Alex is always close to the surface even when it shouldn’t be, but there is a reason Alex is uninterested in the woman who has embroiled him in her schemes. Luckily, Caroline is morally obligated to ensure Alex knows the truth even though she could be vilified for the deed.

There is a lot of backstory for the characters within Save the Date, focusing on the aspects of their upbringing that has shaped their identities as well as the viewpoint into different family dynamics and the role it plays in shaping the person we become.

There is a larger portion of focus on Caroline but I think this is due to the strong, independent women in her life. Her friends are amazing and truly empowering, I want to be friends with them. The introduction and interactions with Caroline’s friends pave the way for future books in the series which I am extremely happy about, it will be fantastic see each of them get their happily ever after 💕

Business and family dynamics place Caroline and Alex in the precarious situation of a faux relationship even thought their emotions and attraction are anything but fake. Navigating the rocky road laid out before them proves especially difficult when outside factors test the strength of their belief in each other.

Save the Date is sweet, cute and something a little bit different. Girl power emanates through the pages proving you don’t need a man in your life to be happy but when the right one comes along they enhance what you already have ❤