Received from Author

Title: Things We Never Said
Series: Hart’s Boardwalk #3
Author: Samantha Young
Publisher: Piatkus
Publication Date: 7 May 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

Local metalsmith and gift shop owner, Dahlia McGuire, likes her quiet life in Hartwell, Delaware. It’s the perfect place to hide from her family and the tragic events that led to their estrangement. However, when her father, the person she loves most in the world, needs her Dahlia has no choice but to return to Boston to face her ghosts. One of those happens to be her ex-boyfriend’s best friend, Michael Sullivan. The man she was never supposed to fall in love with.

Michael Sullivan has never forgotten Dahlia McGuire. Some might say he’s never gotten over her. For years he lived with the anger of her desertion, and now, newly-divorced, he’s finally ready to move on. That proves impossible when Dahlia returns to Boston and reawakens their explosive connection. Despite everything, Michael wants her back, but Dahlia can’t seem to let go of the tangled emotions of the past. When she flees home to Hartwell, Michael follows, determined to do everything in his power to convince her they belong together.

However, when the unthinkable hits the quiet seaside town, Michael finds himself trying to unravel more than the mystery of Dahlia’s broken heart. It’s time for truths left unsaid to finally be spoken or Michael and Dahlia might find themselves torn apart forever…


OMG OMG OMG I have been desperate for Dahlia’s story throughout the first two books but especially with the tasty little titbit, Samantha dropped into Every Little Thing. I can honestly say Things We Never Said exceeded every single expectation I had, and believe me those expectations were HIGH.

Dahlia has always been a bit of an enigma; a relative newcomer to Hartwell with a history shrouded in mystery. Besties with the bubbly Bailey, Dahlia has made Hartwell her home but underneath her seemingly content existence there is an undercurrent of melancholy that clings to her like a cloak. When her parents marriage disintegrates and Dahlia returns to her hometown of Boston to support her father, the missing pieces to Dahlia’s identity begin to unfold.

Michael and Dahlia have a long and painful history. Each revelation adds another layer of emotional damage to each of them. From their first meeting of the right person at the wrong time to a devastating tragedy all add to the epic love story of Dahlia and Michael. Unfortunately, instead of pulling them closer together it ripped them apart sending them both spiraling in different directions.

Despite all of the heartbreak between Dahlia and Michael it is the kind of love that only a few people will ever be lucky enough to experience. Continually crossing paths while in Boston rekindles all of the feelings between our star-crossed lovers, forcing them to confront the demons they still carry with them to this day.

Somehow, Samantha not only provides Dahlia’s story within Things We Never Said but also magically weaves the sub-plots that have been present through the series into the narrative flawlessly. While some of the threads have been resolved, there are a whole lot more to be completed. Especially as Samantha added a devilish cliffhanger to Things We Never Said.

This is one series that you wish that you had a time machine so you could gather all of the series together in order to be able to binge read it. I have already re-read the first two books in order to get my fix 😁

For the love of all things romance, please let there be more books – I need Emory’s, Jack’s, Ivy’s and Jeff’s. Whenever you are ready Samantha, but now works really well for me xx