Title: Dance with Me
Series: With Me in Seattle #12
Author: Kristen Proby
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 7 May 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

Starla. Just Starla. 

She doesn’t have a last name, and she doesn’t need one. Not with that many Grammys on her mantel. Everyone knows her kick-ass, no-holds-barred style of singing, dancing, and living. 

No one knows that America’s Sweetheart is still living with the wreckage of four years ago, when her world was torn apart. Losing her fiancé was devastating, but she’s channeled all of that into her music. Closing off her heart opened a hundred new doors. 

Officer Levi Crawford, Seattle PD. 

For almost twenty years, Levi has been consumed by the law. He eats, sleeps, and breathes work. Not just because he’s a workaholic, but because he loves it. Sure, he doesn’t have time for a woman and barely sees the rest of his family, but it’s a trade he’s always been happy to make. 

Until Starla. 

Two lonely hearts could learn to beat again if they’re willing to dance together. 

Dance With Me Excerpt

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I have to say I was a little confused when I saw Starla was having her own book as when we encountered her in Breathe with Me, she was happily engaged and planning her wedding. However, fate had other plans in store and tragedy struck leaving Starla drowning in guilt and burying herself in work in order to fill the void in her life.

Unfortunately, this coping mechanism is not sustainable and the consequences of which catch up with Starla after a few very gruelling years. As Starla’s health suffers additional stress in the form of a stalker, sends Starla in to a downward spiral that only rest and recuperation will be able to fix. Having no family of her own to speak of, Starla turns to her besties, Meredith and Jax.

Staying in Seattle also puts Starla in close proximity to Levi – the hot cop she shared an intense night with. Sadly, Starla was unable to process her emotions and ghosted on Levi; leaving him heartbroken.

Levi has always been singularly focused on his career in the police department with no time for commitment or long-term relationships. Although the night he spent with Starla and the connection he felt to her has him reconsidering his life goals. So when Starla is placed practically on his doorstep he is determined to explore the chemistry between them further.

The thriller elements within the plot are nail-biting and terrifyingly realistic. The interwoven sub-plots add intensity to the story as a whole while allowing insight into the actions of the main characters. There is also a major twist I did not see coming 🤯

I adore the whole host of characters in the With Me in Seattle series and really appreciate being able to catch up with each of them.

Dance with Me is a fast paced, action packed story that will make you realize just how much each person we meet has an impact on our lives.