Title: Nothing Without You
Series: Big Sky #4.4 Forever Yours #2.5
Author: Monica Murphy
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts
Publication Date: 12 March 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

Designing wedding cakes is Maisey Henderson’s passion. She puts her heart and soul into every cake she makes, especially since she’s such a believer in true love. But then Tucker McCloud rolls back into town, reminding her that love is a complete joke. The pro football player is the hottest thing to come out of Cunningham Falls—and the boy who broke Maisey’s heart back in high school.

He claims he wants another chance. She says absolutely not. But Maisey’s refusal is the ultimate challenge to Tucker. Life is a game, and Tucker’s playing to win Maisey’s heart—forever. 


Nothing Without You is a short sweet second chance romance.

I’ve got to be honest, Tucker is a bit of a douche, at the start especially as he had broken-up with Maisey when he went to college and has fully embraced the bachelor life ever since. Although, as the story progresses, so does Tucker’s emotional growth. The realisation that Maisey is the one and only person to ever own his heart and always will be. He only has to convince her of his sincerity before he has to return to his career on the other side of the country.

I adored the strong independent woman Maisey was after having her heart and confidence shattered by Tucker when they were teens. Deep down Maisey knows she has never gotten over her first love and takes the opportunity to explore the older Tucker as a means of achieving closure or so she tries to convince herself. However, it is quickly obvious that all the old feelings she had for Tucker are quickly making themselves known.

While the romance in Nothing Without You is believable and heart-warming; the obstacles to an ongoing relationship between Maisey and Tucker are not addressed and therefore leave a sense of incompleteness to the story as a whole. I felt as if the end was a little abrupt and open-ended leaving me wondering if Monica is going to provide us with more Tucker and Maisey in the future 🤞