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Title: Sexy Little Sinner
Series: Blackwell-Lyon #3
Author: J Kenner
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 4 Feb 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads

It was wrong to stay together … but we couldn’t stay apart.

I’ve been with my share of women, but none touched my heart and fired my senses the way she did. Her smile enticed me. Her caresses teased me. Her body aroused me.

And yet, it couldn’t last. There were too many years between us. A gap we couldn’t breach, and we broke it off. No. I broke it off. And I’ve regretted that decision ever since.

Now she’s in danger, and there’s no one else I trust to protect her. But the more time we spend together, the more I want her back. And all I know now is I have to keep her safe—and despite both of us knowing better, somehow, someway, she will be mine again.

Sexy Little Sinner Excerpt

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Connor is the last of the Blackwell-Lyon partnership to find his happily ever after. The thing is Connor could have had his HEA a long time ago instead he choose to be a martyr and forgo his own happiness due to the substantial age gap between himself and Kerrie.

Kerrie not only works for Blackwell-Lyon Security as their Office Manager but she is also Pierce’s younger sister. Kerrie has had a crush on Connor for as long as she has known him but their 14 year age difference is a huge barrier to Connor. While it is obvious to everyone that Kerrie and Connor are perfect for each other, Connor is extremely stubborn and determined to let the age-gap stand in the way of true happiness.

In all honesty Connor was rather whiney about the entire subject, no matter how much he loved Kerrie and wanted to be with her, he thought it better for Kerrie to be with someone her own age. Taking the decision and both of their happiness out of Kerrie’s hands.

Kerrie is very pragmatic, although she wants to be with Connor, she is also aware that he has to make that decision for himself. It isn’t until they are forced to spend time together in an unusual setting does it start to get through to Connor exactly what he would be losing if he continued on the path of denial with Kerrie.

The thriller elements within the narrative were unusual to say the least but added to the drama within the plot. Fast paced with a lot of action *wink,wink* leading to the kind of closure we have come to expect from Julie.

Sexy Little Sinner also introduces a new player on team Blackwell-Lyon; Leo who is set to get his own story in Tempting Little Tease!!!!