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Title: Motion
Series: Laws of Physics #1
Author: Penny Reid
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date:

Synopsis from Goodreads

Forced to lie to protect her sister . . .
From the New York Times Bestselling Author, Penny Reid

One week.
Home alone.
Girl genius.
Unrepentant slacker.
Big lie.
What’s the worst that could happen?

Mona is a smart girl and figured everything out a long time ago. She had to. She didn’t have a choice. When your parents are uber-celebrities and you graduate from high school at fifteen, finish college at eighteen, and start your PhD program at nineteen, you don’t have time for distractions outside of your foci. Even fun is scheduled. Which is why Abram, her brother’s best friend, is such an irritant.

Abram is a talented guy, a supremely gifted musician, and has absolutely nothing figured out, nor does he seem to care. He does what he feels, when he feels, and—in Mona’s opinion—he makes her feel entirely too much. 

Laws of Physics is the second trilogy in the Hypothesis series; Laws of Physics parts 1 (MOTION) & 2 (SPACE) end with a cliffhanger.

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OH MY GOD, there is just so much going on within the pages of Motion that I do not know where to start. Motion barely scratches the surface of the plot while laying a foundation for the characters to develop through the course of the Laws of Physics trilogy.

Told from Mona’s perspective; girl genius, twin and all round adorkable, I fell for Mona from the beginning, although my heart also ached for her for the same length of time. There is a lot going on below the surface where Mona is concerned, from having to deal with her genius IQ and forfeiting part of her emotional development as well as acting as a balance to her twin sister’s wild-child ways.

Mona has let events in her past shape the person she has become; these events are revealed slowly through the narrative and I am positive there are still a lot more to uncover especially concerning her unusual family dynamic. The snippets that are uncovered only serve to endear Mona further and aid understanding especially to Mona’s ability to distance herself from her emotions. However, it is also this ability which prevents Mona from establishing connections to people keeping her apart from her peers and widening the gap in her character development.

Forced into a situation to aid her rebellious twin, Lisa, Mona finds herself exploring parts of her personality she has long-ago kept buried. A large portion of Mona’s self-analysis is due to her interactions with Abram; with whom she connects with in a way she hasn’t with anyone else before. Abram appears to appreciate Mona for who she is in all her socially-awkward glory, the only problem is Abram thinks Mona is, in fact, Lisa.

Again, insight into Abram’s identity has been sporadic, made up of hearsay and preconceived notions based on stereotypes. However, Abram proves to be more than the rumours would suggest. I would love to see his point of view.

Just when you think Mona has made a significant breakthrough Penny Reid pulls the rug from under the reader with a mega-cliffhanger – I need SPACE. Seriously I should deduct marks for the wait and having my heart in a vice while that wait takes place 😁