Title: Rough and Ready
Author: Lightning #3
Publisher: Tracy Wolff
Publication Date: Sept 2018

Synopsis from Goodreads

Sparks fly between a football pro and an ex-WNBA player. But he needs to prove that he’s more than a sports hero if he wants it all in this steamy standalone from the New York Timesbestselling author of Down & Dirty and Hot & Heavy.

Tanner: I may be a baller, but I’ve always tried to do the right thing. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in charge of my four younger sisters for half my life, or because I understand how important it is to be a role model—something I learned from my grandfather, a Southern Baptist preacher who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. Either way, my pro football career makes it easier to give back, so when a local rec centre needs help, I do my best to even the playing field. And not just because Elara Vance, the smoking hot ex-WNBA player who runs the place, has me looking to score off the field.

Elara: Before I got sidelined by an injury, my time on the court taught me that pro athletes are all flash and no substance. Sure, Tanner Green talks a good game and wields a big chequebook, but I’m not buying the whole good guy routine. Still, it’s hard to miss all the good he’s doing for my rec centre and even harder to ignore the way one look from him makes me tremble in all the best ways. I just wish I knew if he’s for real. Something tells me a little one-on-one might be the only way to find out. . . .

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Rough and Ready is a nice easy read with characters whose hearts are as big as their bank accounts 😉

Tanner and Elara are perfect for each other, even though Elara fights it tooth and nail. There is a connection between the pair from the beginning but Elara has a nasty habit of projection her past experiences onto sports players and therefore, tarnishes Tanner before she even gets to know him.

I loved Tanner’s ability to breakdown Elara’s barriers just by being himself, no bells or whistles needed. Tanner sure knows how to treat women properly, seriously the guy needs to give lessons (or just let his mother and sisters get their claws into them, lol.)

My favourite thing about Rough and Ready was the way in which Tanner and Elara gave back after their individual success in the sporting world, realising the importance of paying it forward 💖It would be fantastic if more millionaire sports personality undertook a little more of this philosophy 😍