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Title: Unzipped
Author: Lauren Blakely
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 14 Dec 2018
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Wanted: Dating coach to help hot nerd win back the woman of his dreams…

Picture this – I’m ready to win back the love of my life, and I’m going big this time. We’re talking boom box, sing her name in the rain, let the whole damn neighborhood know I’m good and ready this time around. After all, if you’re going to grand gesture the ever-loving hell out of a second chance, you need to pull out all the stops. 

There’s only one little problem. 

My college girlfriend isn’t the one who shows up when I play my “I’ll do anything to win you back” tune. 

The woman who flings open the second-floor window tells me my ex doesn’t live here anymore. But she’ll help me win her back. Anything for romance, anything for a guy so willing to go big for love. And that’s what I want at first. Until I get to know my new “romance coach” and discover she’s funny, clever, and keeps me on my toes. And boy, do I ever need that. 

Now I don’t want to win anyone else’s heart. I want the woman who’s been helping me all along. 

Trouble is – she thinks I’m in love with someone else, and when we take off on a road trip, everything I think I know about women is about to be unzipped and turned inside out. 

He’s the last person I ever expected to pop into my life, but he might be exactly what I need to save the thing that matters most to me. All I have to do is not fall for him. 


My favourite heroines are the quirky adorable type that totally embrace their brand of crazy 😍 It’s the type I admire the most and want to be; so as you can imagine I totally and utterly adore Finley. Cute and sassy, Finley embraces life and positivity, her dream to make people smile via her writing. She has a situational comedy on a network that is her literary baby; only it is hanging on by a thread and Finley is struggling to find a new direction to take her characters.

Enter Tom aka Kyler, who has come in search of his first love in order to feel the connection he had with her and hasn’t been able to replicate since.  Having lost his mother at a young age, his romantic references come from 3 older brothers and cheesy ’80s rom-coms. His mindset on the grand gesture to win the girl only it doesn’t go quite to plan when he encounters Finley rather than his ex, Cassie.

The events following their hilarious first encounter include a lot of cheesy movie quotes, hilarious female comedians and a fast fall for both of them. Unzipped played out like a sit-com in my head; imagine a Ross and Rachel scenario with the will they won’t they along the way.

The only problem is Finley’s previous relationship ended due to the feelings her ex harboured for his ex. Top that off with her initial encounter with Tom being in pursuit of another woman and you can’t help but understand Finley’s incapability to comprehend Tom’s feelings for her.

There is a wonderful cast of peripheral characters that in true Lauren Blakely style you want each and every individual story and there are a few plot threads open within Unzipped which would allow the possibility to become reality. 

From road trips to roller coasters, Unzipped is a thrill ride of swoon.