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Title: Room Mate
Author: Katie Ashley
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 16 Dec 2018

Synopsis from Goodreads

From the time I was a kid, I knew I wanted a job helping people. After serving in the Rifles regiment of the British Army, I focused my civilian career on becoming a bodyguard to the rich and famous. For a Cockney Brit, I never imagined a twist of fate landing me a position in the United States Secret Service and protecting the President’s son. But then my boss made an unexpected request: leave my current placement to move in with his only daughter to give an added layer of protection against the threats she had been receiving. I’d never lived with a woman who was off-limits to me. It wasn’t just that Caroline had a boyfriend. She was my best friend’s sister, and my boss’s daughter. But the longer we’re in such close quarters together, the greater the temptation grows, but I know I’ll lose everything if I pursue her.

Growing up as the only girl with two overbearing older brothers, I’m no stranger to being overprotected. Just as I finished up college and prepared to truly dip my toes into the adult world, my father was elected President of the United States, which added a whole new level of protection with the Secret Service team attached to me. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly be more smothered, I began receiving threats, and my family decided it wasn’t enough to just have an agent living down the hall from me. Nope, I was to have one move in with me, and not just any agent, but Ty Frasier—my brother, Barrett’s best friend, and my brother, Ty’s, head agent. While most women would enjoy living with a sexy, buff Brit, having a roommate threw a wrench into all my plans. Especially when I began noticing Ty was so much more than a hot guy—he was someone I could fall for.

**Stand-alone set in the world of Running Mate and Office Mate** 

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Room Mate focuses on the youngest of the FIRST children and the only girl in the mix.

Room Mate is a quick read and emotionally engaging. We have already met the delectable Ty in both Running Mate and Office Mate, the hottie secret service agent with a heart as big as his *cough* hands 😉

When Caroline’s life is threatened by an obsessive stalker Ty is transferred from Thorn to Caroline’s protection detail, although the level of protection is to be 24/7 with an unprecedented protocol of becoming roommates!!!!

There has always been a significant connection between Ty and Caroline but neither has gone too far into fantasy land with the other in the starring role due to their professional association. Circumstances dictate a high level of vigilance on Ty’s part, which prevents him from acting on his desires.

With each week that passes, the constant contact between Caroline and Ty only fuels the flames of the passion burning between them. I adored how sensitive and noble Ty is throughout the story, which only adds to his overall appeal.

Despite his professional position within the relationship, Ty has also become a member of the Callihan family in his own right. I loved how seamlessly Ty’s altered status was not only accepted but approved 💕

Room Mate provides a delightful mix of warm and fuzzies with romantic suspense.