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Title: Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later
Series: Dirty Rich #7
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 5 Dec 2018
Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

One and done. It was supposed to be one night. I knew his type. You don’t fall in love with a man like Reese Summer, but I did. He swept me off my feet, seduced me, refused to take no for an answer. We became a power couple. The syndicated crime reporter. One of the country’s top criminal attorneys. The fantasy became happily ever after until the next big trial of the century. Reese is defending a woman accused of killing her father for billions. I’m reporting on the case. And then the world around us explodes. The trial turns to danger right as a secret from Reese’s past shocks me. Someone who wants to destroy our happily ever after. Someone wants to end me.

CONTINUING CAT AND REESE’S STORY (read the beginning of their story in Dirty Rich One Night Stand)

Two Years Later EXCERPT

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I loved Cat and Reese in Dirty Rich One Night Stand and was intrigued as to where they were individually and as a couple two years after the end of their first book. However, I was also a little wary as you can’t have a full-length story without some conflict – OH NO would my heart be able to take it.

Cat and Reese are as much in love as ever, they complete each other like no other couple I have ever witnessed. Although I think they would be permanently tired with the number of times they are intimate, lol. Reese has preserved his winning streak in court and Cat has become established as a best-selling true crime novelist while still maintaining her Cat Does Crime column. However, the new case Reese has taken on might just be the one to break Reese’s perfect record. 

On top of the trail, Cat makes a surprising discovery she is unable to share with Reese in case it distracts him from his client. Although, due to their closeness, Reese is acutely aware of Cat keeping something from him. Promising Reese all will be revealed on his birthday when hopefully all the other events in their lives will have settled down. Cat does what she does best and writes about all of her experiences she is undergoing while unable to share her discovery with Reese.

Unfortunately, there is another spanner thrown into the works when a blast from Reese’s past comes back into the picture with lots of crazy. 

I loved how Cat and Reese handled every situation thrown at them; they really do epitomise the saying ‘stronger together’. I would like to thank Lisa for delivering a story that while it does have conflict, that conflict does not detract from the relationship between the protagonists.

I also loved the inclusion of Cat’s brothers, Reid and Gabe, and the way in which they are developing their relationship with their sister 💕