Review: Love Sincerely Yours by Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn

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Title: Love Sincerely Yours
Author: Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 9 Oct 2018
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Dear Mister…**strike out** no, too formal.
Hey there sweet cheeks *strike out* no, too forward.

To whom it may concern,
Full disclosure; before we move forward with this email, I would like it to be known that I have consumed an adequate amount of alcoholic beverages to intoxicate myself tonight. Three margaritas, two shots, and one beer—because it was free.
I think it’s important to be open and honest with your co-workers, don’t you?
So here I am, being honest. Drunk but honest. Or just drunk with lust? You decide.
I like you so much it’s clouding my judgment and making me do things I never would sober. Like write this letter.
I have a hopeless, foolish, schoolgirl crush on you when you are the last person on earth I should be falling for. Did you know people around the office call you a sadist? An egomaniac. An insensitive, arrogant prick. Your bark is worse then your bite, and you don’t scare me. The fact is, I’d love that bite of yours to nip at my bare skin while we’re both wearing nothing but sheets.
For once I want you to look at me as more than one of your employees.
And as long as we’re being honest, that navy blue suit you wear? With the crisp white shirt? It really makes me want to loosen your tie and show you who’s boss.

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What a writing partnership, utterly seamless – I hope we will see more from Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn as a partnership. The banter is off the charts providing a lot of laugh out loud moments while reading 😂

Peyton is a marketing whizz, and while she enjoys her job as a social media marketing executive it isn’t showcasing her full potential. Stepping out of her comfort zone as she turns 30, Peyton takes the plunge and enters the world of self-employment. Along with the celebrations, Peyton lets slip she has an inappropriate crush on their ogre of a boss. So begins an anonymous email account where Peyton can pour all her fantasies directly to the man himself, Rome.

Rome has completely immersed himself in his business to the point where he has lost himself in the process. Weighed down by stress and the launch of a new range only add to Rome’s uptight demeanor. When an anonymous and rather sexy email provides a much-needed diversion.

Peyton and Rome quite simply click, they are comfortable with each other and therefore, able to be their true selves with no pretenses. It has been a long time since Rome has been able to do anything like this. The progression of online to real life relationship is cleverly orchestrated and aids to show Rome’s vulnerability. I think for me Rome’s soft heart that is so well protected by his abundance of barriers is the true appeal of Love Sincerely Yours.

Unfortunately, the path to true love does not run smoothly for Rome and Peyton due to work issues alongside additional stress from competitors. Rome has a tendency to react without fully thinking through the consequences, especially when the consequences cost him the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Does Rome redeem himself or are there more factors at work behind the scenes!!!!!

I have to add – please let Hunter have his own story 🙏🤞😍


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