Review: If The Shoe Fits by Rachel Lacey

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Title: If the Shoe Fits
Series: Almost Royal #1
Author: Rachel Lacey
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 2 Oct 2018
Rating: 4/5

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Elle Davenport is no princess—she just dresses up as one for her job at a local theme park. But when she gets the call that she’s won a contest to live and work at a real-life castle in Virginia, she finally feels like she’s found her calling. If she’s successful, her venture could become permanent, and that sounds like Elle’s idea of the perfect modern-day fairytale. There’s only one problem: the castle’s grumpy—and sexy—new owner wants her gone as soon as possible.

Theo Langdon never imagined he’d inherit the title of Earl of Highcastle so young. With his grandfather’s recent death, he needs to sell Rosemont Castle so he can return to London. If only he wasn’t butting heads with the vivacious new property manager at every corner. Although he’s got a life waiting for him in London, Rosemont Castle suddenly feels a lot like home, thanks to Elle. As the clock winds down on her time at the castle, he’ll have to reconcile his obligations in London with the American woman who’s stolen his heart.


If the Shoe Fits is a delightful first instalment of Rachel Lacey’s fairytale-inspired series with a nod to the original elements of the classic tales creatively woven throughout this swoon-worthy romance.

Elle has never felt as if she has fit in anywhere, meandering through life without any definite path and a lot of unsolicited advice from her family. Always the outsider even within her own relatives; the closest people in her life are her best friends, Ruby and Megan. Winning a contest to manage a castle for a 6-month contract turns all of their worlds upside down.

Unfortunately, the original owner of the castle, passed away unexpectedly prior to the finalisation of the prize, leaving his grandson, Theo in charge of the castle and its future.

Theo has a lot of responsibility on his young shoulders; burdened by family expectation and the rules that go alongside his position as a member of the British aristocracy. Theo has had a lot of negativity thrust his way due to his grandfather’s abandoning the traditional role in favour of setting up home in the States with the love of his life.

Theo is obviously conflicted as to the path his life has taken speciality when he finds himself magnetically attracted to the feisty winner of a magazine contest he was unaware his grandfather had set in motion.

Alongside the fairytale romance, If the Shoe Fits provides endless inspiration for those looking to capitalise their creativity showing (all be it fictional) that hard work and thinking outside the box really can accomplish great things. There is also the fabulous female friendship between Elle, Ruby and Megan emphasising the power women have to support and strengthen each other.

I have barely touched the surface of the many layers to If the Shoe Fits, it’s endearing, compelling and heart-warming in equal measure.


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