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Title: Glorious Sinner
Series: Lawless Kings #5
Author: Sherilee Gray
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 17 Sept 2018
Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

People say Tomas Mendoza is dangerous.

They’re right.

But he saved my life.

I owe him, and all I have to repay the ruthless crime boss…is me. I tell myself it’s not pity that burns in his eyes when I dance for him, that my walls are so high he can’t see how broken I am inside.

Now danger stalks me again, and Tomas swoops in, only this time he shows me a different side of himself. Fierce protectiveness. Raw hunger. A tenderness that could sear through the barriers I raised to safeguard my heart and soul.

My past taught me not to trust. But this glorious sinner might be the one man I need to learn to love again.


Glorious Sinner has a Ruthless King feel to the narrative, with the crime lord having a softer side where the woman in his life is concerned while maintaining a callous exterior to everyone else.

Stephanie and Tomas first meet when Stephanie is 16 and Tomas is working construction for her father. Their age difference and Tomas’s background prevent Tomas from admitting to reciprocating Stephanie’s feelings. Leading Stephanie into a relationship with a popular boy in her high school; while on the surface their relationship appears perfect there is a lot of ugliness waiting to break through the surface. Over the years the hideous overtakes any perfect leaving Stephanie a shell of her former self. The only things that keep Stephanie surviving are the knowledge Tomas is there in the background if she were brave enough to reach out to him and dancing.

Only when Stephanie is broken and bloody does she reach out to Tomas for help. Unfortunately, this only adds to Stephanie’s belief that Tomas views her as fragile and broken. Slowly piecing the broken parts of her life back together, Stephanie only survives by being virtually numb but when her sociopathic husband returns to terrorize Stephanie, she has to confront her fears and the underlying emotions she has always held for Tomas.

I loved how protective Tomas was of Stephanie, kind, and patient in all areas. A complete contrast to his everyday crime lord persona and terrifying reputation. His determination to be the man Stephanie deserved almost cost him the thing he coveted the most. Giving this second-chance to be with Stephanie ensures Tomas will do anything to make it happen.

The chemistry between the pair is combustible but Tomas guarantees a slow-burn in order to pave the way for a lasting relationship beyond the physical.

Through Tomas’s believe in Stephanie and the protection he offers, Stephanie is able to resurrect the pieces of herself she thought were long dead and buried. I loved watching Stephanie blossom and become the woman she was always supposed to be via her connection to Tomas.

Glorious Sinner is fast-paced with thriller elements woven into the narrative, while the romance is at the center of the plot there is a lot of character development in a short space of time 💝💞