Review: Tall, Dark and Charming by Erika Wilde

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Title: Tall, Dark and Charming
Series: Tall, Dark and Sexy #1
Author: Erika Wilde
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date:
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Aiden Stone loves life as a bachelor and has no intentions of settling down anytime soon. He has a great job and a career he enjoys, and women adore him . . . except for Daisy Parker, who doesn’t seem fazed by his flirtatious attempts or the sexy smile that normally has panties dropping to the floor. She’s a tougher nut to crack, but the fact that she seems immune to his charm only fascinates him more . . . until one hot unexpected encounter with her blows his mind and gives them both more than just a night of pleasure. Because Daisy is now his baby momma, and his life is about to change in ways he’d never anticipated.

Tall, Dark and Charming Excerpt

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Tall, Dark and Charming is one of those stories that re-enforces how much we, as humans, are shaped by the negative events of our lives. It also supports the notion of love being a leap of faith, putting our trust in another person is a scary thing to do, it leaves us vulnerable to hurt and heartache but it also opens up the possibility of true happiness and companionship 💞

Both Aiden and Daisy are relationship adverse due to their upbringing and subsequent events with regards close connections. While Aiden has embraced the playboy lifestyle, Daisy has gone the opposite way by shutting down her desires and pouring all of her energy into building her career. However, when Aiden and Daisy are away on a business trip for the company they both work for, the underlying attraction between the pair comes roaring to the surface.

Taking advantage of the situation and the distance from their day-to-day lives, Daisy and Aiden agree to a one-night-only arrangement with passion and desire being at the forefront of their time together.

Sticking to the terms of their agreement is more difficult than they expected when they return to their daily interactions, as neither can overcome the connection they feel for each other. although both are consummate professionals where their careers are concerned. Especially as neither Daisy or Aiden is able to move on from their time together. Fate brings a gigantic surprise for Daisy and Aiden which upends both of their worlds and makes them re-evaluate their priorities and ambitions.

I absolutely swooned with the way in which Aiden handled the new direction his life has taken and his determination to prove his worth to Daisy – foot rubs, bubble baths and the wonderful tenderness to all of his actions 😍 However, Daisy is understandably wary of opening herself up to another person after the turmoil of her past and her mothers continued negativity and bitterness.

Tall, Dark and Charming is a smooth, swift read that will make you look for the elusive dimples wherever you go 😉

Snippets of information about Aiden’s brothers is interwoven into the plot paving the way for their individual stories within the Tall, Dark and Sexy series!!!!!!


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