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Title: Mogul
Series: Tycoon #2
Author: Katy Evans
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 31 May 2018
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

He’s my most delicious secret.
The hot Suit I had a one-night stand with one evening.
I didn’t know anything about him, not even his name.
Only that we shared a taxi, and he was staying at the hotel where I worked.
We met in room 1103. Where he commanded not only my body but my soul.
The next day he was gone and I only had a memory of him.
I could still taste his kisses, feel his demanding touch.
I searched for him for months. Daydreaming about him. Wondering if I’d ever find him.
Until the day I find myself staring face to face with his jeweled black eyes again.
He says lets keep it casual, and my heart knows that falling for this workaholic in a three-thousand-dollar suit is off the table.
Because he has a secret. One that’s a deal breaker for me.
My Suit has a name.
Ian Ford.
And this is our story.

MOGUL Excerpt

*This book is connected to Tycoon, but it can also be read as standalone*

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The weather may be hot but Mogul is hotter, grab a fan you are going to need it 😉

Mogul crosses the timeframe of Tycoon and centres around two of the peripherical characters featured in Tycoon, Sara being Bryn’s roommate and Ian making a cameo appearance as the Grandson of one of the dog-walking clientele (insert fate and destiny here).

Mogul is a little unconventional with the relationship between Sara and Ian, from random hook-up to clandestine affair a year later. The secret nature due to Ian’s precarious situation and devious soon-to-be-ex. Something which Sara understandably struggles with especially because of her own parent’s situation.

Sara hasn’t had an easy time of things but has always retained her optimism. A trained dancer, sadly injured at the start of her career, Sara has recuperated but been unable to catch a break thus becoming stuck in a paid rut of gainful employment. However, redundancy, Ian and Bryn offer the encouragement and support Sara needs to pursue her dreams.

Ian is a complete workaholic, something his ex-blames for the breakdown of their relationship. Ian values loyalty and prides himself on the same, so when his world is upended he shoulders part of the blame. Protective and a provider by nature, Ian questions his ability to sustain relationships and achieve a work/life balance.

Although Sara and Ian begin as a casual, physical relationship neither can prevent the connection between them growing stronger with each encounter.

Despite the unusual circumstances, there is very little angst in Mogul, just a high heat level 😉  I loved being able to catch-up with Aaric and Bryn to see the progression of their relationship 💞

Katy cleverly inserts tantalising snippets of Sara and Bryn’s other friend, Becka’s story which Katy promises will be next 🤲🙌