Review: Zero Hour by Megan Erickson

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Title: Zero Hour
Series: Wired and Dangerous
Author: Meghan Erickson
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: 30 Jan 2018
Rating: 4/5

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The Fast and the Furious meets Mr. Robot in USA Today bestselling author Megan Erickson’s thrilling new romantic suspense series.

Hacker extraordinaire Roarke Brennan lives each hour – each breath – to avenge his brother’s murder. His first move: put together a team of the best coders he knows. They’re all brilliant, specialized, and every one an epic pain in his ass. Only now Wren Lee wants in too, threatening to upset their delicate balance. The girl Roarke never allowed himself to want is all grown up with sexy confidence and a dark past … and she’s the wild card he can’t control.

Roarke might still think she’s a kid, but Wren’s been to hell and back. Nothing and nobody can stop her – especially the tatted-up, cocky-as-all-hell hacker. But when years of longing and chemistry collide, Wren and Roarke discover that revenge may be a dish best served blazing hot.

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This is going to sound like such a backhanded compliment BUT I read Zero Hour while going through a particularly difficult struggle with my anxiety to say it ratcheted up the palpitations would be an understatement. Seriously, I had to keep putting the book down in order to regroup – Sooo if you want a  read that is going to send your heart rate into overdrive and has you practically vibrating with nervous energy then Zero Hour is for you.

There are some very difficult situations to read about within Zero Hour, as I always say it is the negative things we experience that shape our identities the most and this is most certainly true of all of the characters within the Wired and Dangerous series. All of the characters are deliciously flawed in different ways, snippets of their backstories and personalities are uncovered as the plot progresses, although Zero Hour concentrates on Roarke and Wren. It was amazing to see the way in which their lives intertwined, throughout the years in unexpected and not always pleasant ways, without them even realizing.

Megan Erickson ingeniously controls the revelations about the other characters, just enough to ignite your curiosity but not enough to confirm or deny the seed she has planted within your imagination. The path has been paved for the other books in the series – I only hope my heart rate doesn’t go up as much as it did with Zero Hour – seriously it was like doing circuits or body combat without the benefit of toning muscle 😂


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