Review: Unwritten by Rachel Lacey

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Title: Unwritten
Series: Rock Star Duet #1
Author: Rachel Lacey
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 1 May 2018
Rating: 3.5/5

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The first book in Rachel Lacey’s sizzling new Rock Star Duet, where the only thing brighter than the glare of the spotlight is the power of love.

Pop sensation and Hollywood star Katherine Hayes has worked hard to maintain her squeaky-clean image. But with nude photos going viral on the internet, the ensuing smear campaign threatens to ruin everything.

A chance meeting with a handsome college professor—who’s adorably clueless about her identity—is a rare break from the stress. But when shocked recognition dawns in his eyes, her survival mechanism kicks in. She can’t simply let him walk away to add grist to the rumor mill.

Josh Randall has already loved and lost his soulmate. Yet when he witnesses Kate in a vulnerable moment, he can’t deny the pull between them. Even though he believes down to his bones that true love doesn’t come twice in a lifetime.

A no-strings fling sounds like the perfect solution. But Kate never expected Josh to see the woman hiding behind the celebrity—or that the paparazzi would catch on to their sizzling passion so quickly. Making it hard to keep their tangled emotions from tearing their hearts apart when it’s time to say goodbye…

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Prepare yourself, Unwritten is an obstacle course of emotions; some you can tackle easily, others you wonder why you are putting your poor heart through such pain. There are a number of sensitive issues through the narrative, dealt with in a sensitive yet realistic manner, adding to the angst within the plot.

Kate is a pop star, she has worked hard to maintain her image and poured her heart and soul into her career. While on the outside Kate looks to have a fairy-tale life, no-one knows the dark secrets she keeps, the torment she suffers through in her nightmares and her desperate need to be loved. As such Kate craves the validation and adulation she gets from her fans; the impact of a smear campaign against her not only undermines her career but directly impacts Kate’s confidence.

Kate has the biggest heart and her ability to forgive probably makes her one of the best people I know. Emotionally neglected by the only parent she has known; Kate has struggled and ultimately thrived on her own since the age of 17. Although Kate has not dealt with the trauma of her past beyond the lyrics of her songs; something that is slowly eating away at her peace of mind and well-being.

Josh has had his own tragedies to deal with, struggling to move on from the loss of his first love. A chance encounter with Kate awakens Josh’s long-dormant passion, although he is less than pleased to discover Kate’s fame.

As Kate and Josh embark on an ardent affair, they both struggle to control their emotions especially as Josh unwittingly crushes Kate’s hopes of a future together. Watching both Kate and Josh navigate their way past their emotional scars was equally heart wrenching and hopeful. I completely adored the way in which fate connected Josh and Kate without them realising it.

Although this is a duet, the next book, Encore, has different main characters although we have been introduced to Jenn in Unwritten.


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