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Title: The Marriage Arrangement
Series: Marriage to a Billionaire #4.5
Author: Jennifer Probst
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts
Publication Date: 1 May 2018
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Probst comes a new story in her Marriage to a Billionaire series. The Book of Spells returns in this sparkling addition to the series!

She had run from her demons…

Caterina Victoria Windsor fled her family winery after a humiliating broken engagement and spent the past year in Italy rebuilding her world. But when Ripley Savage shows up with a plan to bring her back home, and an outrageous demand for her to marry him, she has no choice but to return to face her past. But when simple attraction begins to run deeper, Cat has to decide if she’s strong enough to trust again…and strong enough to stay…

He vowed to bring her back home to be his wife…

Rip Savage saved Windsor Winery, but the only way to make it truly his is to marry into the family. He’s not about to walk away from the only thing he’s ever wanted, even if he has to tame the spoiled brat who left her legacy and her father behind without a care. When he convinces her to agree to a marriage arrangement and return home, he never counted on the fierce sexual attraction between them to grow into something more. But when deeper emotions emerge, Rip has to fight for something he wants even more than Winsor Winery: his future wife.


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This is it – where the magic all began with The Book of Spells!!!! We also get to see how it ends up at Alexa’s bookstore!!!!

Caterina has left her heritage behind in an attempt to put her heartbreak behind her and discover her own identity away from the legacy she has embodied her whole life. However, her actions are judged from an outside perspective (Rip) as shallow and selfish due to his involvement in rescuing Cat’s family’s business, Windsor Winery, from bankruptcy following her departure.

My heart hurt for Rip, having lacked nurturing and security his whole life, his greatest desire is to belong to a family who will love and appreciate him for who he is. Pouring his heart and soul into the winery, Rip finally felt as if he belonged, only to have the rug pulled from under him with the caveat of the winery remaining within the Windsor family. The only solution to marry Caterina!!!! Intent on seducing Caterina and instigated a marriage of convenience, Rip doesn’t expect to actually develop feelings for Caterina so quickly or have those feelings returned.

I completely loved the whole connection to the Marriage to a Billionaire series, being able to look back at the characters and know what is in store for each of them was magical. I adored how the meddling matriarch of the series was able to so quickly see into the heart of the people around her and provide just the right words of wisdom to set them on the path to their HEA. I think I need her in my life ♥

Unfortunately, Rip’s plan of seduction backfires when Cat learns of his deception. However, Rip is given the opportunity to prove himself and convince Cat of his true feelings. The interactions between them and the continuous undercurrent of desire that flows between them provide some very swoon-worthy moments.

Cat and Rip may have begun their relationship in an unconventional manner but they truly inspire each other, bringing out the best in each other individually and as a couple ♥

The Marriage Arrangement is a fabulous extension to a much-loved series ♥