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Title: One Baby Daddy
Series: Dating by Numbers #3
Author: Meghan Quinn
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 17 May 2018
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

What are you doing now that your team is out of the running for the Stanley Cup?”


I need to forget. I need an escape.

Only one person isn’t falling for my reputation as the NHL’s Golden Boy; she captured my attention the minute she called me out for snooping through my best friend’s house. She didn’t want to hear my reason–she only wanted to playfully give me a hard time.

Adalyn is bold, sassy–and the perfect escape.

She’s everywhere. In town and in my dreams, and suddenly I need to spend every waking moment with her.

And I do, making this summer the best off-season I’ve ever had.

But in the midst of getting lost in Adalyn, what I don’t expect is to get her pregnant. 

And what I definitely don’t expect is having to fight for her affection. 


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As if I didn’t fall hard enough for Hayden in Back in the Game; he completely swept me off my feet in One Baby Daddy.

Not only have we encountered Hayden in Back in the Game but he also featured as one of the dates in Three Blind Dates, which effectively hinted at the relationship Hayden wasn’t able to get over!!! But we are skipping ahead 😉 Another amazing curveball Meghan managed to throw into the mix, was to tie Hayden to the Binghamton series, Racer (Twisted Twosome) is one of Hayden’s best friends!!!! I love being able to catch up with the characters we have already grown to love ♥

Which brings us to Adalyn, who we have also been previously introduced to via the Binghamton series. A fellow nurse alongside Emma and Logan (My Best Friends Ex) and good friends with Racer, ensures Adalyn crosses Hayden’s path when he takes a timeout after the bitter end to the hockey season. There is some serious chemistry between the pair from their initial meeting, although Racer does try to block any fraternization between Hayden and Adalyn, as any good friend would, taking into consideration the grueling schedule Hayden has to keep during the hockey season.

Hayden, however, recognizes something special in Adalyn and takes the opportunity to build a solid foundation with her; attempting to lure her in for the long game. I, for one, was completely charmed by Hayden’s intentions; aiming for a long-term relationship rather than just a quick off-season fling. If only all men could take a leaf out of his playbook on how to treat women properly.

Adalyn has some serious insecurities where relationships are concerned, never having a serious relationship and settling for random hook-ups, despite her 7 brothers trying to instill her worth into her over the years. I couldn’t quite understand Adalyn’s self-doubt, and for that reason, I don’t think I fully connected to her. However, I really liked the way in which Adalyn was able to begin to realize her own worth via Hayden’s attention and treatment of her.

Well-meaning friends and Hayden’s determination to get his HEA with Adalyn add to the utter swoon-fest that is Hayden Holmes. Seriously, you can’t help but love him and wish you had your own Hayden ♥ He is the stuff dreams are made of ♥♥♥