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Title: Jock Row
Series: Jock Hard #1
Author: Sara Ney
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 3 May 2018
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Scarlett is always the sensible one: The sober driver. The planner. The one holding your hair back while you’re worshiping the porcelain gods.

Week-after-week, she visits Jock Row with her friends—the university’s hottest party scene and breeding ground for student-athletes. And if keeping her friends out of trouble, and guys out of their pants, was a sport, she’d be the star athlete.

Being a well-known jock-blocker gets her noticed for all the wrong reasons; just like that, she’s banned from Jock Row. NO GUY WANTS A GIRL AROUND WHO KEEPS THEIR JOCK FRIENDS FROM GETTING LAID.

“Rowdy” Wade is the hotshot shortstop for the university’s baseball team—and the unlucky bastard who drew the short straw: keep little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes out of the Baseball House.

But week-after-week Scarlett returns, determined to get inside.


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Oh MY, Sterling ‘Rowdy’ Wade has entered the realms of sweetest jock alongside Knox (Sacked by Jen Frederick) having sewed his wild oats at a young age, Rowdy has matured into a gentleman. Although a down and dirty one at that 😉 Tired of the same old routine of parties and hook-ups, Rowdy does his duty as captain of the baseball team by imparting his wisdom on ‘cleat chasers’ to the younger members of the team. What Rowdy doesn’t expect is to encounter a sassy nerdy girl who in all her social awkwardness manages to cut the jock-holes down to size in one fell swoop.

Scarlett is utterly adorable, although she has moments of insecurity, on the whole Scarlett embraces who she is with zero fluffs to what other people think. I love how she doesn’t compromise who she is for anyone, fluffy beige jumper included ♥ Forced out of a team party because of her power to detect BS at fifty paces provides the silver lining of spending time with Rowdy. even under the unusual circumstances, there is a connection between Rowdy and Scarlett, so much so that Scarlett returns to the scene of the crime aka as the team house/party each week in order to spend more time with Rowdy. For his part, the sole reason Rowdy is at the party is to see Scarlett **swoon**

As they get to know each other better, feelings grow and deepen and the attraction between rowdy and Scarlett takes on a life of its own. Although Scarlett’s inexperience sets a slow pace for their relationship, deepening the bond between them. It felt as if the entire relationship between Scarlett and Rowdy was the stuff fairytales were made of. They fit seamlessly into each others lives, respecting each other’s individual goals while ensuring they carve out time for each other ♥

Jock Row is a dreamy start to the series, I am so excited to see which Jock gets hit by cupid’s arrow next ♥