Review: The Last King by Katee Robert

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Title: The Last King 
Series: The Kings #1
Author: Katee Robert
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: 3 April 2018
Rating: 3/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Ultra-wealthy and super powerful, the King family is like royalty in Texas. But who will keep the throne? New York Times bestselling author Katee Robert introduces a red-hot new series.


Beckett King just inherited his father’s fortune, his company-and all his enemies. If he’s going to stay on top, he needs someone he can trust beside him. And though they’ve been rivals for years, there’s no one he trusts more than Samara Mallick.

The rebel. That’s how Samara has always thought of Beckett. And he’s absolutely living up to his unpredictable ways when he strides into her office and asks for help. She can’t help wondering if it’s a legit request or just a ploy to get her into bed. Not that she’d mind either one. After all, she likes to live on the edge too.

But soon the threats to the King empire are mounting, and the two find family secrets darker than they ever imagined and dangerous enough to get them both killed.

The Last King Excerpt

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I’ve got to be honest and say I struggled a bit with The Last King, I don’t think it is a reflection of the story rather the frame of mind I was in creating a lack of connection to the characters.

I’m going to show my age again here, do you remember the glitzy glamorous soap operas of the ’80’s namely Dallas and Dynasty. Personally, The Last King was reminiscent of these in the setting and the rich feuding family. As I am not a fan of any soaps this may have added to the disconnect I experienced while reading.

Beckett is the only heir to the family business, Morningstar Enterprises following the unexpected death of his father. Although they didn’t have a particularly close relationship, Beckett has an innate obligation to his heritage as well as a strong moral compass. I adored Beckett, the contrast of his caring businessman persona and the alpha Samara ignites in him added to his appeal.

Samara is in a precarious position, her hard-won career is in the hands of Beckett’s estranged Aunt, Lydia. For all intents and purposes, Samara and Beckett are enemies in the business world. Constantly thrown together when bidding on the same projects there is no escaping the chemistry between them. While Samara is determined to keep the barriers between them, Beckett subtly begins breaking them down. Unfortunately, Samara has issues stemming from her upbringing and lack of paternal involvement adding to the obstacles between herself and Beckett.

With the family feud heating up, Beckett and Samara are placed in a precarious situation. Fuelled by bitterness and the thirst for revenge there is no predicting what Lydia will do next, adding to the drama, action and tension within the narrative.

Yet, the one constant that brings hope for the future no matter the outcome is the blossoming relationship between Beckett and Samara.

Families divided, high levels of drama, bitterness and revenge alongside a passion filled romance can all be found within the pages of The Last King.

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