Review: Get It On by J Kenner

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Title: Get It On
Series: Man of the Month #5
Author: J Kenner
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date:
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Skillful hands. A talented tongue.
Meet Mr. May.

Fate’s been messing with veteran Tyree Johnson. It took his buddies in combat and his wife in a fatal car accident. But he’ll be damned if he’ll let Fate take his beloved bar, The Fix on Sixth.

For years, he’s avoided being Fate’s whipping boy through sheer force of will, and now every bit of his focus is centered on saving his business. Until, that is, the first woman who ever touched his heart walks back into his life—along with a daughter he never knew.

After years of loneliness, Tyree’s not prepared for the way Eva’s sensual curves and sharp wit still capture his heart and rekindle his senses. All he knows is that for the first time in forever, he’s found a passion other than his bar. But one final twist arrives when Fate pits the bar he can’t bear to lose against the woman who’s stolen his heart.

He’s a master at red-hot ecstasy. 

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The man behind The Fix takes to the stage in Get It On the fifth installment of J Kenner’s Man of the Month series.

Tyree has had two great loves in his life; his first love, Eva with whom he had a passionate, intense fling with before being deployed and his late wife, Teiko. As much as he loved Eva fate and the intervention of a significant person in Eva’s life ensured Tyree and Eva’s lives went in different directions. Although it did lead him to Teiko and without whom he would not have had his son or made his dream of a bar into reality.

Tyree has struggled since Teiko’s death, clinging desperately to her memory and not allowing himself to experience physical or emotional intimacy, his life has become a very lonely place apart from his son and beloved bar. That is until his past walks into the bar and shakes his world upside down.

I loved the way Tyree was so accepting of the fact he has a daughter and how seamlessly Elena fit into his life and created a family. As the revelations regarding the time apart and the scheming behind it are divulged understanding and a renewed sense of connection between Tyree and Eva develops.

All the puzzle pieces fit into place allowing the possibility of a second-chance for Tyree and Eva if only Tyree would allow himself that happiness. Eva is extremely empathetic and understanding especially as she has to share the man she loves with a ghost, however, she does deserves to be loved equally and not as a consolation prize.

Watching Tyree work through his issues was an emotional experience and one I am not sure I would be able to cope with if I was in Eva’s position.

Get It On shows it’s never too late for love and second-chances need to be grasped with both hands.


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