Review: Minus Me by Ingelin Rossland

Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads

Title: Minus Me
Author: Ingelin Rossland
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication Date: July 2015
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 5/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

During a diving competition Linda discovers that she has a rare heart condition and is told that her only hope of surviving is a heart transplant. Sensitive, introspective, and intelligent, Linda refuses to be wrapped up in cotton wool, despite her parent’s wishes. Determined to experience everything a 13-year-old girl should, Linda starts to work her way through a list of all the things she and her best friend wish to do: have a first kiss, go to a pop concert, travel without parents . . . But as Linda starts to tick these off, a mysterious emo boy called Zak appears — and always at the most unexpected moments. And he is happy to accompany her on daring escapades, particularly those that her timid best friend refuses to go on. But is Zak good or bad? And why is he the only one that Linda can share her fears with?


Could one dive really change Linda’s life forever ?

Minus Me is about a diving competition that could change Linda’s life forever. She’s winning but what’s going to happen next ? If meeting the boy on the bus was a coincidence why is he the only one she can tell her problems to? Her only hope is a heart transplant but what if she doesn’t want all of that, will her parents ever stop wrapping her up in cotton wool?

This story is written in 1st person. This style made the plot harder to figure out as it was coming from Linda’s point of view, not a completely reliable narrator.

My favourite part of Minus Me was when Linda meets this mystery boy for the first time, because you want to find out what he’s got to do with the story. Along with this my favourite character is Zak because he has an exhilarating look upon life. I also like Zak because he makes Linda happy and makes her see the bigger picture in life.

The thing that I disliked about the book was that it was sad towards the end but in a way I think that this made the book more emotional and effective towards the reader. I think this made the book more effective towards the reader as the reader would be able to emotionally Ingage with the book, and consider all of Linda’s feelings. In Minus Me a relationship I would have liked to have seen develop is the one between Zak and Linda, because I think this would have made the book more interesting in a romantic way.

I would definitely read a book by this author again because I think that she has a talent in creative writing. As she is good at writing books that leave you thinking what is going to happen next , she is good and getting the reader’s attention towards the book. I would definitely recommend this book to girls aged 13-15 because it is a girly and romantic book. I also would recommend it to this category because I’m sure  a lot of people can relate to this.


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    Great review! I may have to add this to my TBR!

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      Book Angel Emma

      Thank you so much fortaking the time to comment – I will show it to my student, I am sure she will be thrilled 🙂

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