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Title: Dirty Rich One Night Stand
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 18 Oct 2017
Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis from Goodreads


That’s all it was supposed to be. Her. Him. Pleasure. And then a fast goodbye. He’s a stranger. And yet, he’s not. She knows him even though he doesn’t know her.
He’s the powerful attorney, now world-renowned after coming off the trial of a century which was publicized across the country. And I’m one of the reporters that sat in his courtroom.

I watched him, studied him, got to know him from afar which isn’t hard since I know his exact brand of confidence, arrogance, and wealth.
I know his type. I’ve dated his type. Which is why when I happen to come face to face with him, when sparks fly and heat simmers between us, I know what happens if I say “yes” to Reese Summer.

I know he’ll taste like sin and sex, even before he kisses me.

I know he’ll feel like pleasure and passion, even before he touches me.

I know he’ll demand more than I want to give, and yet, because I dare to give myself to him, the result will be deliciously hot.

I know that I will not leave his bed without being utterly, completely sated.

And I know that I will leave the next morning anyway.

And so, I do.

And so, he follows.

And as chase begins my question becomes: Is Reese Summer THE one or is he really just a dirty, arrogant lie that should have stayed a one night stand?

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Lisa Renee Jones has a way of taking her plots in unexpected directions and Dirty Rich One Night Stand is no exception.

Cat prides herself on her independence although the path she had to take in order to achieve her current autonomy has been fraught with emotional pain. Cat’s family life has been a source of stress, from her parent’s unhappy marriage as a result of a philandering father to the expectations placed on her to follow in their legal eagle footsteps. Not to mention a douche of an ex that also had the cheating gene. From this insight, it is understandable that Cat prefers to keep her distance emotionally by placing rules for physical encounters, although this does little to combat the loneliness she tries desperately to deny.

Cat has made the move from high powered criminal lawyer to courtroom reporter and made a huge success as a columnist and true crime novelist. Which leads her to the courtroom of the arrogant SOB she dressed down in the coffee shop, lead defender Reese Summer. Their physical attraction is undeniable, however, Cat is blindsided by the respect and admiration she gains for the man in question. Her position as a reporter is another barrier to the pursuit Reese seems intent on.

Reese is nothing like you would assume although Cat does an admiral job of trying to force him into the stereotype she wants him to be – dirty, rich, player. While Reese doesn’t generally engage in relationships he can tell Cat is different – she fits him like a final piece of a jigsaw falling into place. And Reese isn’t the type of man to miss an opportunity to improve his life. Where he hasn’t been able to form a lasting connection to anyone because of his job, Cat is an asset both professionally and personally. One which he intends to make permanent if he is able to break down all of Cat’s defenses.

I loved the easy nature of the relationship between Cat and Reese. Although their relationship status escalates quickly it is organic in nature and never feels forced. Unfortunately, and in true Lisa Renee Jones fashion, there is an unexpected twist which places the budding relationship into jeopardy.

Each of the plot threads is expertly woven to provide a satisfactory conclusion to the story as a whole. Although it is the romance between Cat and Reese that shines the brightest through the narrative.