Review: Stud Finder by Lauren Blakely

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Title: Stud Finder
Author: Lauren Blakely
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts
Publication Date: 26 Sept 2017
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Man seeking woman: Hot, rich, smart, witty, self-made multimillionaire Internet genius seeks classy, intelligent, sexy, fun-loving woman who’s interested in settling down and sharing all the good things.

There. Best. Ad. Ever.

I will absolutely find the woman of my dreams, someone who’ll love me for me. Even if my sister thinks I need help dating, I’m confident I can pull this off, courtesy of the great worldwide web.
Let me just hit the upload button right now…
No. Just no. As a woman and a professional matchmaker, I can’t let Dylan Parker run this ad. He’s the catch of all catches. That’s why his sister has asked me to help her ridiculously good-looking, insanely rich, but socially clueless brother find a woman. As a broker of happily ever afters, I’m known as the Stud Finder since I make a great living pairing wildly successful women with men who won’t fleece them but will adore them. After all, what woman in her right mind wouldn’t fall in love with Dylan?

I mean, besides me. It totally won’t be me.


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I absolutely love Lauren’s series of inter-connected standalone stories and Stud Finder  adds the cherry on top of the sundae. I especially liked the inclusion of a chart showing all of the character connections through the books, from siblings to best friends and back again ♥

As you’ve probably guessed our main characters in Stud Finder are related to the characters in the Big Rock series.

Dylan is an adorable yet clueless, hot geek. He firmly believes he can find his soulmate via the internet, lol. What he does get is an education in the seedier side of online dating. Unable to articulate what he is looking for, his sister Olivia, steps in to offer the services of THE STUD FINDER – Evie, as Evie had helped Olivia find her own happily ever after and became a good friend in the process.

Evie is equally adorable and slightly quirky, with her zest for bargain hunting and uncanny ability at matching not only people but clothes as well. When she agrees to help her friend find the perfect match for her brother, she doesn’t expect to feel the high level of attraction to Dylan that she does.

Spending time together in different environments as a way to understand Dylan’s requirements in a partner only serves to add fuel to the fire that is burning between them.

Initially, Dylan and Evie appear incompatible, that is until the time they spend together unearths all of the unexpected similarities they have. In truth Dylan and Evie are perfect for each other if only they could see what is in front of them.

I loved Lauren’s ingenious use of an omniscient narrator within Stud Finder, providing a wider viewpoint while simultaneously showcasing Lauren’s mastery of the written word.

Stud Finder includes a clever twist proving that sometimes you just need a push in the right direction to be able to find your own happily ever after ♥

With Evie’s brother, Patrick, set to take centre stage in Hard Wood, I hope we get to see more of Evie and Dylan ♥


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