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Title: Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Series: Sex and Sweet Tea #3
Author: Juliette Poe
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 14 Sept 2017
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Things in Whynot, NC have gone to the dogs, and that’s just the way the town’s only veterinarian, Laken Mancinkus, likes it. No matter if she’s up when the rooster crows, or working until the cows come home, Laken never leaves an animal in need. So when a gorgeous Yankee comes begging for help herding some wily goats, Laken is up to the task.

Jake McDaniel is looking for a tax break, and what better way than to take up…farming? This ex-football player turned businessman turned unwitting goat farmer is up to his knees in goat drama. Runaway goats, dehydrated goats, and a baby goat that wants no one other than him, Jake needs more help than he cares to admit. Good thing the sexy veterinarian is right there to coach him on how to be a farmer. The only problem is, Laken’s not looking for anything more than a good time, while Jake is looking for his forever girl.

Will the baby goat, and Laken, be enough to get Jake to stay? Or will he take his tax break and hoof it back to Chicago? One thing is for certain…what happens on the farm doesn’t always stay on the farm.

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Juliette Poe, the alter ego of Sawyer Bennett, gives the most adorable romance full of swoon and sass, Barking Up the Wrong Tree just keeps the phenomena alive.

Taking centre stage on this occasion is the extrovert twin, Laken. While Laken portrays an extrovert exterior, there is an underlying sense of loneliness about her. Especially when you take into consideration her living arrangements. Laken is a bit of an enigma, snippets of her past are slowly peppered through the narrative bringing understanding to Laken and her underlying issues especially where relationships are concerned. You can’t help but like Laken and her devotion to not only her family but to the inhabitants of her home town.

Jake is an ex sports superstar turned successful entrepreneur, brought to WhyNot by way of a goat farm. The goat farm being a purchase for tax purposes but also as a way of helping a person dear to him, Jake is way over his head dealing with AWOL goats and errant employees. Jake needs the help of a professional, lucky for him Laken is just that person.

The sizzling chemistry between Jake and Laken is apparent from their first meeting and only builds the more they get to know each other. The inclusion of a baby goat called Miss Goatikins will melt your heart and ensure you fall hard for Jake.

Jake and Laken belong together, they compliment each other and smooth out all of the rough edges each of them possess. Unfortunately, happily ever afters have to be worked for. Not only do the couple have to break down the barriers Laken has created but they also have to work around the fact that Jake actually lives in a completely different place while Laken is tied by work, blood and heart to WhyNot.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree looks at the trials and tribulations a long distance relationship and the strain it can put on the bonds between two people. Ultimately, the key to making their dreams come true rests in their ability to compromise and prioritise their relationship.

The Sex and Sweet Tea series gets better with each book, the threads of plot-lines run seamlessly through each individual story adding to the overall connection to the story and the characters. Previous characters have their stories progressed while the  foundation for the rest of the Mancinkus clan to take centre stage has been paved. I cannot wait ♥